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  • Neuromarketing Sales Strategies – Improved Customer Engagement Report Released

Neuromarketing Sales Strategies – Improved Customer Engagement Report Released

Neural Experience has published a new report which outlines how major companies incorporate neuromarketing to improve their sales, and how other businesses can also implement similar strategies.

Catch Saltwater Long Island at Harborfest September 11-12 in Sag Harbor

Save the dates! September 11-12. Saltwater Long Island will be selling great fall clothing! Sag Harbor’s annual tribute to our maritime traditions has activities scheduled throughout weekend.

All Weather Hybrid Solar Oven – Sustainable Nighttime Cooking Product Launched

Solar technology innovators, GoSun, have launched a new solar oven capable of cooking food in any weather, with an ability to plug in for nighttime meals.

Brothers Cabinetry Company Announces Feature on HGTV’s “Two Steps Home”

We detail how the collaboration between Brothers Cabinetry and HGTV's Stars of "Two Steps Home" Mary Tjon-Joe-Pin and Jon Pierre resulted in an amazing home kitchen redesign and was aired…

San Antonio Copier Leasing Copier Services Launched

San Antonio Copier Leasing - Sales, Service & Repair in San Antonio, Texas, has launched its website describing the specialized services offered including copier leasing, repair, and services.

OKC Regenerative Medicine – Protext Flowables For Musculoskeletal Pain Launched

Oklahoma Pain Center (405-752-9600) in OKC has announced a new regenerative medicine treatment for the reduction or elimination of musculoskeletal pain.

Arlington TX CPA – Oil And Gas Business Accounting/Bookkeeping Service Updated

Accurate accounting is essential to the success of any business. One Certified Public Accountant firm announced an updated range of bookkeeping solutions to help small enterprises based in Arlington, Texas.

Frankston Vic Holistic Somatic Pain Therapy Expert Pet Massage Course Launched

Whole Energy Body Balance (WEBB) of Frankston, Victoria (428-278-630) has launched a new pet massage course to help pet owners work with their animals to relieve pain and tension. The…