People Against Vaccines Are Changing Owing To The Coronavirus Era

ByDaniel Tan

Nov 4, 2020

With the government mandating the people to use the influenza vaccine and other vaccines, anti-vaccine campaigners are getting their thoughts forward. Many people are taking it to social media like Facebook pages to show their anger. In a recent study, it has been cleared that 200 Facebook pages are governing and supporting the non-compliant towards vaccination. 

This research published in the American Journal of Public Health includes various research points that show the influence of social media, and these anti-vaccine campaigners use it. There are experts from colleges like George Washington University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science who claim to have expected such kind of hostility.

But, this is not the first time this is happening. Recently, the Governor of Massachusetts implemented a rule that the people needed to inject the flu vaccine. As a result, there was a huge crowd to oppose this decision, and hence, people were out on the streets amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. This is not safe for either the government or the citizens.

Arguments in producing vaccines

The main argument behind such protests is every citizen has the right to inject whatever material he wants, and he doesn’t. It is his or her will to take the vaccine if he is not ill. Hence, based on this concept, vaccine opponents have been organizing demonstrations and protests. There are people carrying signs that say,

“Covid Hoax” or “My body my parents choice.” 

The unrest among the masses is a clear sign of how far this is spreading. Research says that between the year 2009 and 2019, there has been an increase in the number of anti-vaccine campaigners. Anita Garcia is a member of a Facebook group that has around 866 members. The group is called “Massachusetts for Medical Freedom” and is one of the anti-vaccine groups. She says she wants to oppose the government as it is trying to impose their will on the people.

Process of vaccination

It is a fact that vaccination is a vital process in medical treatment. Many diseases have been cured, and many continue to be cured. According to the World Health Organization, many diseases have been evacuated completely, and 2 to 3 million people get their lives saved by vaccines. The anti-vaccine campaigners question the existence of vaccines.

It is a theory of the anti-vaccine campaigners that the government is doing them wrong by forcing them to take vaccines as they have free will. So, the government and medical professionals are now making a stand against these people, clarifying that the vaccines are a must. It cannot be done forcefully as the community has grown to a huge number in the past years.

Anti vaccine campaigns

The anti-vaccine campaigners ask for the economy to retain its structure while medical officials are clarifying their doubts. Therefore, the government and the medical professional have to meet the protestors on a middle ground for forcing them to take a vaccine is not an option anymore. It ensures betterment for everyone in the country.