Why Should You Wear A Mask Every Time You Go Out?

ByDaniel Tan

Nov 8, 2020

2020 hasn’t been kind to human beings. Covid-19 has taken over the world. Over 400,000 cases are being reported daily, with only a handful of countries free from the virus. Every country witnessed an imposition of lockdown. People are taking precautions to hinder the spread. The world health organization has advised social distancing, wearing masks, home quarantine, and other measures to prevent the virus.

One question that arises in everyone’s mind is that they have to wear masks every time they go out. The answer is yes. Mask is necessary even if you are 6 feet apart from others. Now, six feet is a considerable distance. But distancing oneself from other people is not enough. Use a mask to be on the safer side.  

Health experts suggest wearing masks and keep away from others as much as possible. But is it compulsory to do both? In most cases, the answer is yes. Saskia Popescu, an infectious disease specialist, confirmed the invisible force field’s absence in six feet distance. 

The United States’ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stated that the virus’s diffusion past six feet is rare. They also warned that the virus is highly contagious in poorly ventilated areas. On the contrary, some health experts refute the CDC’s advice. They suggest using masks even if you are in outdoor gatherings or more than 6 feet apart.

Apart from the above situation, various factors can determine whether it is beneficial to keep distance and wear a mask simultaneously. When people shout or amplify their voice when they sing or pant after exercising— they discharge more respiratory aerosols, traveling considerably in the air. The longer you stay in an area or situation having the potential for spreading the virus, the more vulnerable you will be to the infection.

Lisa M. Lee, a Virginia tech health expert, explained that people are not getting any clear answer because of the confusion in guidelines. She said that there are no direct answers to their questions.

Lee added that people should practice social distancing, hand washing, and wearing face shields or masks due to the absence of any entirely effective measure. She referred to mask as the basic layer for safety. 

Another infectious disease expert, Bob Bednarczyk, stated that the habit of wearing masks when going out would eliminate the question of whether you should or should not wear a mask.  

There haven’t been any studies that can prove that infection prevention by staying 6 feet apart. Masks reduce the risk to a greater extent. For better protection, use face shields too. Keep a hand sanitizer in your pocket. It might come in handy. Stay indoors as much as possible. Going out, unnecessarily only means handing yourself out to the virus. Now, you don’t want that.   

Even after using preventive measures, there have been over 40 million cases in the world. With 28 million recovered patients, the death toll went over a million.