• Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

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  • NeftyBlocks implements iDenfy’s full-stack identity verification service

NeftyBlocks implements iDenfy’s full-stack identity verification service

The new AI-powered ID verification solution prevents unwanted illicit activity and secures the NFT platform

Ketamine Treatment and Ketamine Infusion Therapy Boca Raton FL

Ketamine Clinic of South Florida Ketamine @ 954-320-4944 - Infusion Therapy is the gold standard treatment option for providing relief for those suffering from various mood disorders such as depression,…

Fresh Proposals software redefines business proposals experience with the launch of tiered pricing tool

The tiering pricing solution enables small-to-medium business owners and sales teams to create strategic product-service pricing with a visual appeal and present it in business proposals and quotations

Alexander Erber – Global Success Consulting Helping Businesses Protect Wealth in the UAE

Global Success Consulting, business consulting firm, is now emerging as a top choice for business owners and entrepreneurs looking to solidify their footprint in Dubai, UAE. The company offers a…

Personal Brand Strategist Alexandra Stark inspires Female Leaders to Claim their Power and Own their Stage

Alexandra Stark, a renowned brand strategist, trainer, and international speaker, continues to work relentlessly to help female entrepreneurs make an impact on their respective niches. Over the last 9 years,…

Energy Investigator Ed Gill Helping Restore the Positive Energy of Properties by Eliminating Negativity

Perth, WA: Acclaimed Grandmaster Dowsing Energy Specialist Ed Gill is now gaining recognition around the world through her life-changing services. She has been practicing energy investigation for more than 20…

ELJADE’s Sweet Blueberry Noni Juice

JADE Food & Beverage is a global company that offers innovative natural products like premium juices, coffees, and desserts based on the ultramodern product development principle “Add Flavors to Healthy,…

JILCAT Proline Bolsters Production in Preparation of Inclement Weather

The advanced lubricant is helping cars maximize performance in the harshest of weather.

Your individual Donation Page.

Charity donations is a tool that finds its use in almost every sphere, either commercial or public. The way this tool is applied, however, doesn’t always meet the expectations.

Discover the Benefits of AJU cosmetic’s Natural Solutions

AJU Cosmetics, founded in 2008, is a specialized cosmetic company that has been conducting research and producing quality products with the strong belief that healthy skin is beautiful skin for…