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Best Selling Author Patric Chan Launches NFT For The Layperson To Collect And Unlock Premier Content

ByMike Paul

Dec 20, 2021

The launch of the first 400 units of WakeUp Millionaire NFT called ‘Blue’ and ‘Green’ Woman.

Product creator and best-selling author Patric Chan from Internet Mastermind is launching his first-ever NFT called WakeUp Millionaire NFT, inspired by his book, the WakeUp Millionaire. The art will represent the message of WakeUp Millionaire and it’ll be designed professionally with the highest quality possible. This NFT project aims to go beyond just digital arts and create real value for buyers.

Two digital artworks will be released as NFTs called Blue and Green Woman. There are only 400 units available to be launched for Blue and Green Woman. Apart from just owning the NFTs, buyers will get their digital copy of WakeUp Millionaire book and Patric’s current paid-subscription newsletter, for free. In this premier newsletter, Patric would be sharing his exclusive marketing secrets and strategies to build a highly profitable online business and other advice for achieving success in life.

Buyers would also be part of the WakeUp Millionaire NFT Community, allowing them to get the latest perks for the NFT projects and WakeUp Millionaire content. The public launch of the NFT is before Christmas. There will, however, be a massive discount and pre-order available for the WakeUp Millionaire NFT. The pre-order doesn’t require the use of Ethereum or prerequisite knowledge on how to purchase an NFT.

Buyers everywhere would benefit from this pre-order as there won’t be a need for a crypto wallet or OpenSea account to purchase the NFT. The pre-order will be released for the first 200 buyers. The first 100 units are priced at 100 USD, and buyers would randomly receive either the WakeUp Millionaire NFT Woman “Blue” or “Green”. Once the first 100 units are all sold, the next 100 units will be sold at an increased price. The NFT will be transferred to buyers once the NFTs are released publicly.

This is an excellent opportunity for buyers as it could be free training to help them learn how to purchase NFT in the future and own a digital asset below the floor price. Due to the Covid situation, there were no offline events available for Patric to speak in. Still, it was a blessing in disguise, and now through the help of the internet and virtual seminars, even more people worldwide can attend and learn from him. Imagine the impact of owning the first minted digital assets before the collection and brand become high in demand.

Lastly, Patric is also offering to ship buyers of the NFT a physical copy of the WakeUp Millionaire Book Limited NFT Edition in January 2022. The physical copy would include unique content not found anywhere and available only for first NFT holders. In addition to that, he’s offering to pay for the shipping fees as a gift to the buyers.

About Patric Chan

Patric Chan is a best-selling author of multiple books, internet marketing pioneer, and international speaker of 12 countries. He has been in the online business space since 2003 and taught all kinds of online business models available out there to his students from all around the world through his books, courses, seminars, and live training. Even with such a reputation, Patric’s key focus in 2022 is to serve his WakeUp Millionaire NFTs collectors.

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