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Women Changemakers from Around the World Collaborate to Create a Roadmap to Accelerate Your Growth For 2022

ByMike Paul

Jun 12, 2022

Boutique publishing house, Fount of Grace Creatives (FoGC), launches the audiobook version of its #1 international Amazon bestseller, Fired Up! featuring women changemakers and visionaries from around the world. The authors share their powerful personal stories of been-throughs to breakthroughs as well as step-by-step actionable roadmaps to help new entrepreneurs and business owners to accelerate their growth.

Rebecca Grace Vijay, the Founder and CEO of FoGC, based in India, has brought together an amazing team of women authors from different parts of the world, including US, Canada, UAE and India to write a book for women by women leaders and experts who are creating their own businesses and own future, to open their eyes to all the possibilities that exist and the world beyond what society places limits on for women. Rebecca has been in the communications and publishing industry since the early 2000s and after working with publishing houses like Oxford University Press, writing and publishing her own books, set up her own publishing house to light a spark and expand the vision of women and share stories of faith, hope and love in this world of noise, negativity and chaos.

Fired Up! features stories of those who have changed their ‘mess’ into a ‘message’, a ‘test’ into a ‘testimony’, from being a ‘survivor’ to a ‘thriver’. The coauthors want to make a lasting difference in the world, help others overcome their struggles, know that they are not alone and to empower them to create their breakthroughs. The motto is to change the world, one woman at a time and to turn their pain into their purpose. The book became a #1 international bestseller on Amazon during its release in December 2021 and the unabridged audiobook has just been released in multiple retailers including Audible, iTunes, Nook, and Google Play. All proceeds from the sales of the book is going to a charity, Samadhan that works with children with intellectual disabilities and marginalized women.

Sharing vulnerable stories takes courage. Reliving past pain is not the easy path. All of the women in this book met ongoing adversity and overcame tragedy, events, fears, and fatigue to find success and joy. They wanted a way to share the hard-earned lessons they learned. One thing each of them saw was that their challenges were not uncommon, and that the one worthwhile thing that could come of all the struggles would be to help others find meaningful support, community and tools or strategies to lessen the battle. Laura Masters, Coauthor and Intentional Vision and Life Coach, shares her experience in this transformational anthology, “For me, writing for Fired Up! helped me make peace with my past and honor all I learned and became along the way.. It is my dearest wish that this book, its offerings and intent will continue to help many women move more easily and resourcefully towards success, peace and happiness. The moment I knew I had the story right was when I found my dad weeping in his favorite chair after reading my chapter. He could barely tell me how proud he was, how painful it had been to watch me shrink and pale before I finally found the courage to strike out on my own and how he would never let that book go. We hugged a long time; our tears mingling. This moment with my dad, this priceless acknowledgment was worth every painful sentence. Becoming a best selling author was never my goal. This book, this dream of Rebecca’s: helping women help women is a gift. I hope this collection of courageous stories and roadmaps finds its way into the hands and hearts of others who face almost unbearable challenges. May it ease the burden, inspire powerful change and amplify the lives of millions!!”

Wendy Björk, Coauthor and the Empress of MS (multiple sclerosis) shares “Through a journey towards healing and contribution to Fired Up! I have realized we should always point our arrow towards alignment. To our truths that are inside of us. The steps to begin your own journey are laid out for you with the roadmaps I created. When you experience gaps in your growth, it’s time to level up your game with one of my programs or through one of the other authors’ of Fired Up! Being a part of this amazing book collaboration and becoming a Best Selling Author has helped me see my message will continue to evolve, but my story will always be my story to inspire others!”

Coauthor, heart-centered transformation coach and real estate investor, Yaminah Yisrael shares, “In Fired Up! I invite women to re-connect with the parts of themselves they tucked away while taking care of the people important to them. I am here to heal hurts, lift spirits, teach a new way of being and transform life.”

A transformational story from the authors is shared in each chapter to help readers expand their vision, increase their breakthroughs, and rise to a new level. The book is full of inspiring and uplifting stories from a diverse range of voices, offering the readers inspiration, insight and wisdom.

Fired Up! is the first in this series of multi-author book collaboration and is available in e-book, paperback and audiobook formats on Amazon.

Fired Up! volume 2 is releasing in July featuring women who have built successful businesses despite going through difficult times or personal or health challenges.

Fired Up! volume 3 releasing in October will feature stories of mompreneurs who have successfully built and managing their businesses as well as their families.

Women thought leaders, changemakers and visionaries who want to be a part of these collaborations and share their story and message with the world can contact at the email address given below.

About Us: Rebecca Grace Vijay is the Founder and CEO of Fount of Grace Creatives. She is an International Bestselling Author, Bestselling Publisher and contributes to Thrive Global, the Good Men Project, Momspresso and Raising World Children. She has been in communications and publishing since the early 2000s and worked with Oxford University Press for almost eight years. She started self-publishing in 2017 and now helps impact-driven changemakers and visionaries share their message, build their authority and increase their visibility by becoming published authors, so that they can make a bigger impact and grow their business exponentially. She has helped 10 women changemakers become #1 international bestselling authors and get featured on media in 2021.

Through her first book, My Angel in Heaven, Rebecca shared her journey through the grief and despair at the death of her 3-day-old firstborn twin son and how she found comfort and hope in GOD. She supports bereaved parents going through infant loss and helps them write about their children and their journeys. She lives in New Delhi, India with her husband and two children and loves to read, bake and listen to 80s and 90s music.

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