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CTE – the super trend both healthy and joyful will become popular in 2023

ByMike Paul

Jun 23, 2022

In recent years, ‘Moving to Earn’ has made great breakthrough success in creating a strong attraction between connecting ‘Play to Earn’ with real life.

Prominent at this time is CTE – a multi-platforms Web3 application “‘Riding a Bicycle to Earn”. Players are extremely excited and excited to participate when they have both improved health and enjoy the combined features of SocialFi, GameFi, NFT, and Metaverse. 

Let’s find out in detail why CTE is getting a lot of attention from players all around the world.

“We wanted everyone to have rides and fun. We aim to promote extracurricular activities with Move to Earn. CTE is a green project and has an environmental development fund. The prizes for the players come from daily quests and participating in bike races with all the players around the world. You just need to open the App, turn on the GPRS navigation, turn on the Move to Earn mode and move with your bike.” 

“Riding a bicycle can help protect you from serious diseases like stroke, heart attack, certain cancers, depression, diabetes, obesity and arthritis. This is also one of the main benefits of our project to the community.” 

– Mr. Glenn F.Johnson, CEO of CTE shared his thought.

Any CTE application participant is given a basic bike with 100% of the energy index – corresponding to your actual bike in real life. Every 5km that players move according to the application’s index will dig 800 CTE.

With the CTE token, players can be used to buy and sell, exchange the corresponding NFT items to upgrade the bicycle into a better version or convert to USDT to withdraw to the wallet.

NFT items are components that make up a complete bike and have different specifications to enhance the quality of the bike (run more km, better energy stats):

• Power steering, helping players be more flexible in the bends.

• Brakes to reduce town, balance to help the car not slip when cornering, when going uphill, downhill.

• Power-assisted saddle, helping players to drive long distances without fatigue.

• Balance wheel, RPM helps players achieve the best speed when participating in racing in the Metaverse with the play to earn function.

• Chain with speed increase mode, shorten pedal cycle.

• Electronic balance pedal, power assist.

• Car disc helps players achieve the fastest speed.

• The chassis helps players limit wind resistance, parking, and acceleration.

As such, players will be able to choose between hundreds of NFT items to upgrade their bike. With the nature of different races, different stats, players also have to ‘brain balance’ to choose the most suitable NFTs to help their bike achieve victory over other players. The victories will bring many rewards and our riders will definitely feel great after giving their best.

Join 4 challenging race tracks: Pass road (zigzag); Long Road; Street City Road; and Trails; Players will have extremely unique experiences – unforgettable when having to conquer the difficulty, endurance and application requirements. 

There are 2 modes for players to choose to participate in: PVP and PVE.

• PVP is a player-versus-player competition. Participants will have to overcome levels, challenges and overcome other players to win and receive great rewards.

• PVE is a private racing mode, cyclists can enter the track to practice, overcome obstacles, conquer the roads, exploit NFT to trade on the Market with other players.

We wish you joyful cycling moments, experiencing CTE.

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Organization: CYCLE TO EARN (CTE)
Website: https://cyclen.co/

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