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First 88-cent commemorative banknote issued with unlimited potential

ByMike Paul

Aug 9, 2022

On 8 August 2022, the Fiji 88 cents numismatic banknote was made available for purchase locally and abroad as collector’s item. It is legal tender in the Republic of Fiji and exchangeable at the Reserve Bank of Fiji; and as it is limited in quantity i.e. only 3.6 million pieces, the banknote has significant collector’s value and numismatic significance.

The Governor and Chairman of the Reserve Bank of Fiji Board, Mr. Ariff Ali stated “to the delight of our numismatic collectors, it is our privilege to offer this iconic numismatic 88 cents banknotes for local and international sales”.

Managing Director Currency of De La Rue plc, Ruth Euling stated “Congratulations to the Reserve Bank of Fiji on their iconic numismatic 88c banknote project. We are grateful for the trust the Reserve Bank of Fiji bestowed upon De La Rue in designing and producing this banknote and we are honoured by our ongoing strong relationship. May the God of Wealth themed numismatic 88c banknote bring good fortune to all.”

The Chinese God of Wealth, the subject of this banknote, is a popular god in Chinese culture, who blesses people with good luck, happiness and prosperity

The front design of this banknote features a hibiscus flower, the Coat of Arms of Fiji, the denominational value and the signature of the Governor of the Bank. The front design of the banknote also has fluorescent features, intaglio printing and Optically Variable Ink (OVI) which is embossed on the hibiscus flower. Further, there is a multi-tonal watermark of the hibiscus flower and the denomination towards the left of the banknote.

The reverse design predominantly features elements of Chinese customs, the God of Wealth, and a money tree along with various lucky coins, and the RBF Logo. The reverse design has bold multi-colour fluorescent features and Pure Image™ thread that has both movement effects and holographic colours. Further, there is an iridescent band of various shiny gold coins and diamonds running across the banknote from top to bottom. The bespoke serial numbering features various prefixes and numbering sequences.

The God of Wealth commemorative banknote is a very special banknote that combines a number of ‘world firsts’:

1. It is the world’s first banknote with a denomination of 88 cents. This creative design is inspired by the Chinese culture’s love of the number 8. In Chinese, the number 8 is pronounced as “fa”, meaning “fortune”. Hence, the use of 88 as the denomination blends in well with the theme of the God of Wealth, making it a unique design.

2.  The 88c Banknote was produced by the world’s largest commercial banknote printer De La Rue using the highest standards of printing technology. De La Rue has many of the world’s best printing and security technologies. For example, the widest security thread ever used (Nexus™), the two-colour UV fluorescence are all proprietary to the company. These technologies not only greatly enhance the level of security, but the combination of features also make the Banknote colourful and worth playing with again and again, both when viewed with the naked eye or under a violet light or magnifying glass.

3. The bespoke serial numbering features various prefixes and numbering sequences with special meanings. This is the first time in De La Rue’s over 200-year history has the company attempted to produce such a complex range of numbering

The creation of the God of Wealth banknote is a rare example of transnational, North-South & East-West cultural and technical cooperation.  The project brought people from the Reserve Bank of Fiji, De La Rue (UK) and Chinacoin together, to combine their own specific areas of expertise to collectively deliver this unique 88c banknote project.

Whether for one’s own personal collection or as a special gift for friends and family, the Fiji 88c God of Wealth banknote is the perfect choice.

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