Why the Military Prowess of the Land of the Rising Sun be in Peril?


Jan 21, 2022

Gone are those days when the militia played an important role in determining global ascension, domination, and the struggle over resources. However, over the years this has no way overshadowed the growing need for militia in the cause for diplomatic survival. Perhaps Japan’s most prominent role in global warfare could be traced back to the events of World War II and its growing ambitions to capture the neighbouring Asian countries. However, over the recent few years, both domestic and international sources have cited concerns regarding the declining power of the once potent military force. 

Is there a technological lag at the forefront of things?

The past decade has witnessed Japan and its allies facing veritable threats over the regions bounded by the South China sea. While no warfare has ever been carried out, the drills carried out by the Japanese army serve as a stark reminder of the changing times. If you look at most of the military gear and equipment present with the Japanese army, you will find them all dating back to the 20th century. Japan has stayed behind when it came to adopting newer technology like the USA for its military needs. 

Problems brewing in the manufacturing sector

Japan’s decision to isolate its ties from Russia could also be considered as major reasoning behind the technological gap when it comes to weaponry. Most home-based manufacturers are finding it difficult to produce machinery that has far surpassed its welcome in the field. The 20th century-based war components are really not finding any demand as times are have changed and newer developments have taken over the playing field. Japan has also never been able to leverage international sales as other countries have. They do not see any support from the government while pushing for them rendering them not so effective in a competitive global landscape. The pricing is high as well, as the cost of raw materials tends to be on the loftier side. This has seen a paradigm shift with many arms manufacturers now stepping out of the business. 

While the current scenario might provide a very bleak outlook, Japan has taken several steps to tackle the issue at hand. Their first call of action was to induce changes when it comes to technology. The setting up of the Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics Agency within the Ministry of Defence acts as a precedent to get stakeholders from every level to get involved with improving the current scenario of Japanese arms production. The Government has also been in close conjunction with the US military to upgrade its developments in the field and join hands in bilateral agreements that consist of sharing technology and information as well. There has also been a lot of focus that has been placed on improving the ballistics and missile scenario following the threats provided by North Korea during 2017. While the climb ahead for Japan looks like to be a steep one, the direction is clearly the right one.


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