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Facebook Expands Harassment Policy To Protect Public Figures

ByMike Paul

Nov 17, 2021

Harassment of many public figures is becoming very common these days. A lot of people continuously keep on harassing them. Sitting behind the screen and harassing someone is very easy compared to doing this in the real world. But the increasing harassment is making many public figures take the wrong step. It becomes a much-needed step for platforms likes Facebook, which should do the right things to save the public from being harassed and bullied. People negatively misuse their freedom of speech by spreading a lot of hate for many. Recently Facebook announced that they are going to make their policy for harassment the toughest and stronger. It is good news for the public figures who receive daily thousands of bad comments and messages.

Why is this important?

The importance of this policy is very much needed. Suppose you asked the public figures. Every day they go through a lot of negativity and hate words. These are the words that different people on Facebook are giving. The mentality of the people around the world is so disturbed that even small guys are continuously harassing people. You can see small kids of 10 years 12 years commenting sad and abusing things on the public figures. Many of them ignore such comments. But, it becomes annoying and disturbing when the same things happen continuously with someone. You must have seen few people have a tendency and habit of commenting rubbish on the profile. Whenever the big start posts anything, they start commenting bad words and fill their comment section. They even abuse their family members, comments like kill yourself and so on. Such can make the person feel depressed.

Are facebook against bullying?

Harassment is one of the rudest ways to make a person feel bad by using bad words for them. You can never see any platform supporting such bad things.No one supports this stupid behavior. But still, many users somehow keep bullying. To make this thing stop here and it won’t repeat any more in the coming future, Facebook has come up with this hard step. They have made a lot of changes in their policies. Now it is nearly impossible for anyone to bully anyone. Be it the person is a highly known public figure or the normal person. If anyone gets caught doing any harassment, then the person will be immediately blocked. Also, many hard steps can be taken against you.

 The step for making the policy stronger has been done because Facebook was receiving a lot of criticism. The reason behind this was the high harassment that was being done and reported on this platform. No matter the celebrity is a small or a big legend. Most of them are continuously bullied here. When the kid gets bullied, the effects of such disturbing comments create a lot of tension and stress in their mind. They start being sad, and too much harassment results in being depressed, and it also results in ending the motivation to work any further. The step taken by Facebook is really good and important. Now the policy will make a great impact, and it will make sure that no such harassment reports anymore on this platform.

Mike Paul

Mike was one of the founding members of DMR, he was a pivotal figure in the early stages of DMR. Mike has since left the team to pursue his career in software development.