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At DMR News (, we are dedicated to engaging global audiences by providing accurate, insightful, and up-to-date news and content about the digital landscape. Recognizing our role extends beyond mere reporting, we commit to ethical excellence in every facet of our operations. This commitment is upheld by our team of editors, each a certified practitioner who has undergone journalism courses to ensure a high standard of journalistic integrity and expertise.

Commitment to Truth and Accuracy

  • Accuracy and Verification: Our content is crafted and curated precisely, ensuring all facts are verified with the best effort before publication. Any errors identified post-publication are corrected transparently and swiftly. Our editors, with their training in journalism, are adept at discerning and delivering factual content. Our editors’ certificates of journalism training can be found here: Ethan Lin, Huey Yee Ong, Yasmeeta Oon, and Dayne Lee.
  • Independence and Objectivity: We maintain editorial independence, ensuring our content is produced free from external influence or internal biases. Conflicts of interest, should they arise, are disclosed, emphasizing our integrity.
  • Fairness and Impartiality: We strive for fair and impartial reporting, balancing stories without distortion, a principle ingrained in our editors through their certified training.

Respect for Sources and Subjects

  • Confidentiality: We uphold the confidentiality of our sources, protecting their identities as necessary and respecting their privacy rights. Our trained editors take this commitment seriously.
  • Accountability: Our team stands accountable for reporting, engaging with our audience transparently, and embracing constructive scrutiny.

Intellectual Property Rights

  • Attribution and Originality: We rigorously attribute sources and ensure our content is original. When using others’ works, we do so with proper authorization, accurate attribution, and respect for intellectual property rights—a practice our certified editors uphold diligently.

Privacy and Data Protection

  • Privacy Respect: Individual privacy is respected, and a cautious approach to publishing personal information is guided by legal and ethical considerations.
  • Data Protection Practices: In handling personal data, we adhere to stringent protection practices, a responsibility our editors, versed in ethical journalism, navigate with care.

Transparency and Disclosure

  • Clear Distinctions: We transparently distinguish editorial from sponsored content, enabling our audience to discern between the two effortlessly.
  • Prompt Corrections: Our commitment to accuracy includes correcting errors promptly and visibly, maintaining our readers’ trust.

Engagement and Responsiveness

  • Community Engagement: Our approach to reader engagement is respectful and constructive, facilitated by editors who understand the value of community dialogue.
  • Feedback and Complaints Handling: Open to feedback, we address complaints seriously, reflecting our commitment to fairness and responsiveness.

Reporting Ethical Concerns

We encourage reporting of any ethical concerns related to our practices or content through the details on our Contact Us page. Committed to thorough investigation and appropriate action, we value the integrity and accountability instilled in our team through their professional certification and journalism education.