About Us

DMR (Digital Market Reports) is a brand of PulseDirect Communication LLC.

Digital Market Reports (DMR), a prominent brand under the umbrella of PulseDirect Communication LLC, was established in 2020 with a visionary objective: to be a trusted source for digital market news and updates. The inception of DMR was marked by a recognition of the rapidly evolving digital landscape and the need for a dedicated platform that could keep pace with its constant transformations.

Founded by a group of seasoned professionals with diverse backgrounds in technology, journalism, and market analysis, DMR was born out of a collective passion for the digital world and a shared belief in the power of informed decision-making. The team, recognizing a gap in comprehensive and accessible digital market reporting, aimed to create a resource that not only tracked the major developments but also shed light on the lesser-known yet significant changes shaping the digital scene.

The Editors

Ethan Lin: Editor-in-Chief / Website Manager

One of the founding members of DMR, Ethan, expertly juggles his dual roles as the chief editor and the site manager. Since the inception of the site, he has been the driving force behind its technological advancement while ensuring editorial excellence.

Yasmeeta Oon: News Editor (APAC)

A former retail manager turned news editor. From the bustling floors of retail management to the dynamic world of news editing, Yasmeeta has carved a unique niche in the journalism landscape.

Huey Yee: News Editor (North America & Europe)

With a background in HR and Recruiting, Huey Yee’s transition from shaping corporate cultures to shaping stories enables her to approach journalism with a unique emphasis on human-centric narratives.

Dayne Lee: News Editor (Digital Finance & Economy)

Previously a finance trader, Dayne, with his sharp analytical skills honed as a finance trader, now applies his keen eye for detail and complex data interpretation to his role as a news editor.

Contact Details

Email: ethan@digitalmarketreports.com
Address: 30 N Gould ST STE R, Sheridan, WY 82801, USA