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Nvidia is on the verge of surpassing Apple to become the second most valuable company.

ByYasmeeta Oon

Mar 11, 2024
Nvidia is on the verge of surpassing Apple to become the second most valuable company.

Nvidia is on the verge of surpassing Apple to become the second most valuable company.

In a stunning display of market performance, Nvidia Corporation is rapidly approaching the market valuation of Apple Inc., aiming to claim the title of the world’s second-most-valuable company. This surge in valuation is powered by the insatiable demand for the company’s semiconductors, which are integral to cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) applications, including the widely used ChatGPT.

In an extraordinary leap, Nvidia’s market capitalization soared from $1 trillion to over $2 trillion within a mere nine months, surpassing tech giants and industrial behemoths such as, Google’s parent company Alphabet, and even the oil titan Saudi Aramco. Nvidia now boasts a market cap of approximately $2.38 trillion, trailing behind Apple by a narrow margin of $230 billion and Microsoft by $645 billion.

Nvidia’s remarkable ascendancy in the stock market can be attributed to its dominant position in the high-end AI chip market, controlling an astounding 80%. This dominance has not only propelled Nvidia’s shares but also significantly influenced Wall Street, driving the market to unprecedented heights this year. Consequently, Nvidia now commands over a 5% weight on the benchmark S&P 500 index.

Among the tech elite, Nvidia and Meta Platforms have outshone their peers, with Nvidia’s stocks skyrocketing by 95% and Meta’s by 46.6% year-to-date. This outperformance underscores the market’s voracious appetite for AI technologies and reflects positively on Nvidia’s robust business fundamentals.

Richard Meckler, a partner at Cherry Lane Investments, highlights the solid foundation of Nvidia’s business model and the speculative fervor surrounding it, particularly among long option buyers who have witnessed the stock’s consistent upward trajectory through 2024.

Despite its stellar performance, Nvidia’s price-to-earnings (PE) ratio stands at 36.6, which is notably lower than its position a year ago. This adjustment comes as analysts revise their profit forecasts upwards for the company. In comparison, Intel’s PE ratio lingers at 30.24, while the Philadelphia SE Semiconductor Index is pegged at 39.6, according to LSEG data.

David Wagner, a portfolio manager at Aptus Capital Advisors, considers Nvidia to be the most affordably priced stock among those benefiting from the AI narrative. Wagner anticipates the industry’s substantial growth in the coming years, far exceeding current projections.

Market Valuation and PE Ratios

CompanyMarket Cap ($ trillion)PE Ratio
Alphabet (Google)1.6924.85
Saudi Aramco< 2 TrillionN/A
Philadelphia SE Semiconductor IndexN/A39.6

Challenges and Future Prospects

However, amidst this rally, there are indications that Nvidia’s stock might be approaching its zenith. Analysts’ median target price for the next 12 months suggests a potential dip to $850 per share from its last closing price of $926. This prediction hints at the inevitable challenge of maintaining growth momentum for mega-cap stocks due to the “law of large numbers.”

Despite these warnings, experts like Meckler believe that Nvidia can sustain its stock price by continuing to meet or surpass analysts’ lofty expectations. This optimism is anchored in the company’s proven track record and the broader potential of the AI market.

  • Key Takeaways
    • Nvidia’s market valuation has surged past $2 trillion, challenging Apple’s lead.
    • The company controls 80% of the high-end AI chip market, fueling its stock rally.
    • Nvidia’s performance has significantly contributed to record levels on Wall Street.
    • Despite its rapid growth, Nvidia’s PE ratio remains relatively low, suggesting a value buy in the AI sector.
    • Analyst predictions indicate a potential leveling off in Nvidia’s stock price, though the long-term outlook remains robust.

Nvidia’s meteoric rise in the stock market, fueled by the AI revolution, has positioned it as a formidable contender against tech giants like Apple and Microsoft. With a blend of market dominance, investor enthusiasm, and favorable financial metrics, Nvidia’s journey reflects the transformative impact of AI on the global economy. As the industry evolves, Nvidia’s strategic positioning and innovation will be crucial in maintaining its growth trajectory and fulfilling the high expectations of investors and market analysts alike.

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