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Communication holds too much significance for ChatGPT to take shortcuts.

ByYasmeeta Oon

Jan 23, 2023

Communication holds too much significance for ChatGPT to take shortcuts.

In recent weeks, many of us have experimented with ChatGPT’s capabilities. Some of us have requested abstract poems featuring dancing cows at Christmas, while others have sought witty jokes about controversial politicians (occasionally, these write themselves). Some have even tested its aptitude for completing tasks that mirror the demands of paying jobs. It caters to our craving for immediate results, igniting our desire for instant gratification.

However, effective and strategic marketing and communications seldom follow a straightforward path; they often require thorough thought and meticulous care. The world of communication is seldom black and white; instead, it thrives on nuances and demands a deep well of emotional intelligence.

In a time marked by cautious investors, a tech sector in flux, global governments grappling with inflation, and the looming threat of a recession, businesses cannot afford to take shortcuts in their public communications. Especially when the difference between securing investments or closing lucrative deals and watching their efforts yield nothing can often hinge on the impressions formed at the outset.

At its core, effective communication is all about connecting with people. Soft skills that nurture relationships are indispensable, as is the ability to attune oneself to the audience’s needs and stay vigilant for emerging trends. This is what enables the delivery of a precise, meticulously crafted, and perfectly positioned campaign. Those who attempt to cut corners with ChatGPT or other one-size-fits-all approaches simply lack the capacity to produce content of this caliber

Communication: Embrace Technology, but Don’t Solely Depend on It

Let me clarify, technological advancements play a vital role in the realm of PR and marketing. Organizations can utilize various tools such as social analytics platforms, sentiment trackers, data dashboards, and more to enhance their campaign’s messaging and gain valuable insights.

However, when it comes to ChatGPT, it represents a distinct paradigm. It’s not just about missing out on crucial research and audience insights by blending a generic human writing style with information scraped from the web; it also eliminates the necessity for companies to think creatively, explore different perspectives, and engage in intelligent and empathetic discourse. Similar to conventional copy-and-paste PR methods, it sacrifices creativity in favor of efficiency, which is seldom advantageous for a company’s external image.

Instead of placing undue reliance on ChatGPT, companies should draw inspiration from both successful and unsuccessful PR campaigns. Consider Duolingo’s ingenious campaigns, for instance: They have successfully attracted a surge of users by leveraging platforms like TikTok to connect with younger audiences and introducing innovative ideas like a High Valyrian language course coinciding with the release of HBO’s “House of The Dragon.” These strategies have proven to be smart, straightforward, and instrumental in contributing to substantial stock growth prospects in 2023.

In summary, as it currently stands, ChatGPT lacks nuance, and nuance is precisely what distinguishes a cat from a tiger, or at least a lion from a leopard. In the pursuit of brand recognition, this distinction can be paramount. Furthermore, in an era where hypersensitivity is essential to avoid potentially harmful stereotypes, the last thing a brand needs is an inelegant bot causing unintentional offense.

Indeed, ChatGPT is akin to a robot designed for kicking a football. While it may excel at striking the ball with power and precision, it falls short if it cannot adapt its speed, collaborate effectively with teammates, assess and respond to opponents’ movements, or execute the most opportune pass or shot based on an intuitive understanding of the game. In essence, it lacks the finesse required to be a great team player.

Prior to drafting any content, businesses must invest significant effort.

Public relations and communication encompass more than just the mechanical creation of quotes or indiscriminate distribution of press releases. Effective communication involves collaboration with stakeholders, a deep understanding of the target audience, familiarity with a journalist’s priorities, scrutiny of the current news landscape, risk assessment, identification of opportunities, and the establishment of key messaging strategies before even putting pen to paper.

While ChatGPT can generate paragraphs swiftly, can it truly encapsulate a company’s brand essence, principles, objectives, and diverse stakeholder considerations in its composition? This remains a question.

Thorough research and sector-specific expertise play pivotal roles in building a reservoir of knowledge that underpins precise communication. Successful PR campaigns demand insights that currently surpass the superficial mimicry of chat AI engines or the lackluster efforts of some PR professionals.

Brands are a reflection of a company’s people and principles.

As the saying goes, consumers buy into brands, not just products. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that a company’s voice and character are authentic rather than manufactured. The content associated with a company will always be intertwined with its employees, values, and mission.

While ChatGPT remains an enjoyable tool to use, boasting a level of fluency in AI that may be unprecedented, there is no doubt that as its sophistication continues to evolve, it will become an invaluable resource for communications professionals to optimize their craft. Much like AI has proven instrumental in aiding radiologists in interpreting X-Rays, it will enhance human expertise rather than replace it.

However, at this juncture, in the realm of cutting-edge communications, businesses must recognize the necessity of offering more than superficial conversations to the world. Effective public relations has the power to transform a fledgling startup into a household name, keep key stakeholders informed during critical moments, prevent crises, and execute memorable, impactful campaigns.

Communication transcends mere automated content production; it embodies connection. It forms the foundation of human relationships, possessing the ability to truly listen, understand, and respond—skills that are unique to us and, at least for now, irreplaceable.

Yasmeeta Oon

Just a girl trying to break into the world of journalism, constantly on the hunt for the next big story to share.