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Announcement: Introduction of Customer Review Monitoring Service for Online Reputation Marketing

ByYasmeeta Oon

Aug 18, 2023

Announcement: Introduction of Customer Review Monitoring Service for Online Reputation Marketing

The agency has introduced its latest Reputation Marketing Audit, a comprehensive analysis and solution for established businesses dealing with branding deficiencies and PR crises. It also extends its support to fledgling enterprises lacking an online presence, aiding them in enhancing visibility and establishing authority within their respective markets.

In the wake of this announcement, 1st Reputation Marketing Agency is dedicated to assisting companies in cultivating, overseeing, and promoting their pristine 5-star online reputation, thereby enticing and retaining a larger clientele.

Recent data has underscored the detrimental impact of subpar customer reviews (ranging from one to three stars) on small businesses when left unattended. According to Massive Alliance, just two negative online reviews can precipitate a 44% loss of customers, while an average rating of 2 stars can result in a staggering 70% customer attrition. Additionally, BrightLocal’s research reveals that consumers are willing to spend over 30% more on brands boasting excellent reviews, whereas a considerable 57% of customers are disinclined to engage with businesses rated below four stars.

To counteract these trends, the agency’s adept team of reputation marketers diligently monitors customer reviews and formulates strategies aimed at positively influencing brand perception. 1st Reputation employs proprietary patent-pending reputation marketing solutions, designed to amplify a business’s unique value proposition, differentiating it from competitors across social media platforms and business directories.

Furthermore, the agency’s offerings encompass the effective management of negative feedback and customer interactions. By proactively addressing and resolving issues found in comments and reviews, the team aids brands in rekindling their relationships with dissatisfied customers and persuading them to reconsider their services. Notably, Review Trackers reports that 45% of consumers are more inclined to patronize businesses that actively respond to negative feedback.

For businesses that have already garnered stellar online reviews and a formidable digital presence, 1st Reputation Marketing Agency provides tailored reputation marketing tools to safeguard and nurture their existing authority. By continuously attuning themselves to customer needs and expectations and adeptly responding to them, businesses can elevate customer retention rates and foster word-of-mouth recommendations. Armed with these strategies, 1st Reputation asserts that it can catapult online sales tenfold on behalf of its clients.

In addition to these services, 1st Reputation Marketing Agency offers comprehensive “Google My Business” marketing solutions, encompassing GMB profile audits, exhaustive citation research, and management services spanning major search engines and business directories.

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