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Bitcoin Sets New Record High in Euros, Surging to $65,000

ByDayne Lee

Mar 6, 2024
Bitcoin Sets New Record High in Euros, Surging to $65,000

Bitcoin Sets New Record High in Euros, Surging to $65,000

Bitcoin (BTC), the pioneering digital currency, has recently achieved a monumental milestone by setting a new all-time high against the euro. This achievement comes as the cryptocurrency’s value soared to a remarkable multi-year peak of $65,000, marking a significant moment in its history.

Breaking Barriers: Bitcoin’s New Heights

On March 4, Bitcoin transcended a significant psychological threshold, surpassing 60,000 euros for the first time. This historic achievement was captured by TradingView data, which showed Bitcoin peaking at 60,393 euros at 8:30 am UTC, reflecting a 5% increase from its intraday low of 57,521 EUR. At the time of this writing, Bitcoin’s trading value stands at 59,981 euros, showcasing an impressive 56% growth year-to-date.

Prior to this breakthrough, Bitcoin had already been on a trajectory of setting new records. On February 28, it exceeded the previous all-time high of approximately 53,000 euros set in late September 2021. This trend of surpassing previous records isn’t confined to the euro alone; Bitcoin has been establishing new highs against various fiat currencies throughout 2024, notably including the Chinese yuan (CNY), the fiat currency with the world’s largest market capitalization.

In late February, Bitcoin reached a new zenith against the CNY, surpassing the former high of about 414,000 CNY. Currently, Bitcoin is valued at 467,506 CNY, according to data.

Global Milestones and Market Expansion

Balaji Srinivasan, an esteemed angel investor and former Coinbase executive, notes that as of February 28, Bitcoin had set new all-time highs in over 30 countries. This list includes major economies such as China, India, Japan, South Korea, and Argentina, highlighting Bitcoin’s growing global influence and acceptance.

Despite these achievements, Bitcoin has yet to establish new records against a few key currencies, including the US dollar, British pound, Swiss franc, Brazilian real, and Mexican peso. Presently, Bitcoin’s price is about 6% below its all-time high of $69,000 recorded on Coinbase in November 2021.

The Mexican peso represents a particularly challenging target for Bitcoin, with its current trading value at approximately 1.1 million pesos, roughly 24% below its peak of about 1.4 million pesos achieved in November 2021.

The Impact of Spot Bitcoin ETFs

The cryptocurrency market has witnessed increased exposure and interest following the launch of spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in the US on January 11, 2024. Since their introduction, Bitcoin ETF issuers have acquired at least 340,000 BTC as of March 1, not accounting for significant sales by the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust ETF. This development has played a crucial role in Bitcoin’s recent milestones, suggesting a positive correlation between institutional investment products and Bitcoin’s market performance.

Analyzing Bitcoin’s Performance: A Closer Look

To provide a comprehensive overview of Bitcoin’s recent achievements, we present a detailed analysis through tables and bullet points, offering insights into its performance across different currencies and the broader implications for the cryptocurrency market.

Bitcoin’s Record-Breaking Performance:
  • Euro (EUR): Surpassed 60,000 EUR, setting a new all-time high.
  • Chinese Yuan (CNY): Achieved a new peak exceeding 467,506 CNY.
  • Global Presence: Set all-time highs in over 30 countries, including major economies.
Remaining Challenges:
  • USD and Other Major Currencies: Yet to surpass the all-time high set in November 2021.
  • Mexican Peso: Stands as a formidable challenge with a current trading value significantly below its peak.
The Role of Spot Bitcoin ETFs:
  • Increased Market Exposure: The launch of Bitcoin ETFs has significantly contributed to Bitcoin’s visibility and attractiveness to institutional investors.
  • Market Impact: The acquisition of substantial amounts of BTC by ETF issuers underscores the growing institutional interest in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin’s recent surge to new all-time highs against the euro and other currencies marks a pivotal moment in its journey. As it continues to break barriers and expand its global footprint, the role of institutional investment, particularly through the introduction of Bitcoin ETFs, cannot be overstated. While challenges remain in surpassing previous highs against some major fiat currencies, Bitcoin’s trajectory remains a subject of keen interest and speculation within the financial and cryptocurrency communities.

As the landscape evolves, Bitcoin’s performance will likely continue to serve as a barometer for the broader cryptocurrency market’s health and potential for growth.

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