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As the Nintendo Switch nears PlayStation 2’s high sales records, Sony revises figures

ByYasmeeta Oon

Apr 13, 2024
As the Nintendo Switch nears PlayStation 2’s sales records, Sony revises figures

As the Nintendo Switch nears PlayStation 2’s high sales records, Sony revises figures

In an intriguing turn of events, Nintendo’s Switch console is on the brink of surpassing a significant sales milestone. As of February, the Switch family had sold over 139 million units since its debut in March 2017. This achievement places it within striking distance of the PlayStation 2 (PS2), which has long held the title of the best-selling console. Initially reported to have sold 155 million units, the PS2’s sales figures have recently been revised, intensifying the race for the top spot.

Jim Ryan, the outgoing CEO of PlayStation, made a startling revelation on the Official PlayStation Podcast shortly before his departure on April 1, 2024. Ryan disclosed that the PS2 had actually reached a staggering 160 million units in sales, 5 million more than previously believed. This adjustment raises the bar for the Switch, requiring it to sell an additional 20 million units to surpass the PS2 and claim the title of the best-selling console in history. Ryan’s announcement, reflecting on his tenure at Sony, indicates a significant correction to the PS2’s enduring sales legacy rather than a mere oversight.

Implications for Nintendo and the Console Market

The PS2, with its long market life spanning from March 2000 to 2013, set a high standard in terms of popularity and longevity. The Switch, in comparison, has been available for just over seven years. However, Nintendo has the opportunity to continue the Switch’s market presence as a viable and affordable option, even after introducing new hardware. Surpassing the 160 million mark, while not critical, would be a notable achievement for Nintendo, especially in the wake of the Wii U’s less favorable reception.

This race to the top is more than a matter of corporate rivalry; it underscores the dynamic evolution of the gaming industry. Both the PS2 and the Switch have made significant impacts, with the former celebrated for its extensive game library and the latter for its unique hybrid design. As Nintendo inches closer to this landmark, it not only signifies a comeback from previous challenges but also highlights the changing preferences and technological advancements that shape modern gaming.

With the updated PS2 sales figures, a new target is set for the Switch, adding an exciting chapter to the ongoing narrative of console sales achievements. The competition between these iconic consoles not only reflects their respective legacies but also the continuous innovation that drives the industry forward.

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