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Spotify Expands Audiobook Perk to Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand

ByHuey Yee Ong

Apr 5, 2024
Spotify Expands Audiobook Perk to Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand

Spotify Expands Audiobook Perk to Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand

Spotify has announced the extension of its free audiobooks offering to Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand on Tuesday, April 2nd.

This expansion enables users in these regions to enjoy 15 hours of monthly audiobook listening, augmenting Spotify’s existing catalog from 200,000 to an impressive 250,000 titles. The perk, already accessible in the U.S., U.K., and Australia, seeks to enhance the audio experience for its Premium subscribers.

Growing Popularity and Usage

This move follows Spotify’s declaration two months ago, in which it positioned itself as the second-largest audiobook provider globally, trailing only behind the Amazon-owned Audible. Since the launch of its free audiobooks service last November, Spotify reports that users have indulged in over 150,000 titles.

Audiobooks on Spotify are conveniently located within the Home feed of the app or can be easily located via the search tab. Any audiobook designated as “Included in Premium” is accessible to Spotify Premium subscribers.

Users can track their listening hours directly within the settings of the Spotify app. Should listeners exhaust their monthly allocation, they have the option to purchase additional 10-hour increments priced at CAD $14.99, IRE €12.99, and NZD $19.99.

Spotify’s Competitive Strategy

Spotify recently introduced a $9.99 per month plan targeting its free users in the U.S. This plan grants access to Spotify’s audiobook collection, accompanied by 15 hours of listening time. By doing so, Spotify aims to compete directly with Audible, particularly appealing to users less inclined towards its music streaming service. While Audible’s $14.95 monthly subscription offers users one credit for title purchases, Spotify’s $9.99 plan provides 15 hours of listening across its extensive catalog, often accommodating the consumption of multiple audiobooks within the subscription period.

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