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Hong Kong launches a facility leveraging artificial intelligence to spot elite athletes

ByYasmeeta Oon

Feb 24, 2024

Hong Kong launches a facility leveraging artificial intelligence to spot elite athletes

HONG KONGThe Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) has taken a giant leap towards revolutionizing the sports industry with the inauguration of the Global Sports and Wellness Innovation Centre on Tuesday. This pioneering initiative is set to harness artificial intelligence (AI) in identifying potential elite athletes and facilitating swift recovery from sports injuries.

Harnessing AI for Athletic Excellence

At the heart of this innovative center lies the AI-based Automatic Retinal Image Analysis technology, a brainchild of CUHK developed back in 2015. This cutting-edge technology offers a comprehensive assessment of an athlete’s physical capabilities, including:

  • Cognitive Function
  • Concentration Levels
  • Physical Strength and Speed
  • Agility, Reaction Time
  • Balance and Body Coordination

Insights for Peak Performance

The technology’s ability to provide detailed insights into these areas is not just about identifying talent; it’s about optimizing performance and ensuring athletes can achieve their best in their chosen sports. It also plays a crucial role in assessing and managing minor injuries, especially concussions that are common in contact sports like American football and boxing.

Early Intervention and Recovery

A significant focus of the center is to leverage AI for the monitoring and recovery of sports injuries. By offering a detailed analysis of an athlete’s physical state, the technology aids in:

  • Formulating personalized recovery plans
  • Enabling early intervention to prevent further injury

Collaborative Effort for a Healthier Future

The establishment of the Global Sports and Wellness Innovation Centre is a collaborative effort involving key players from both the academic and business sectors. Partners include AquaBloom International Sports Technology Group, Innovax Holding Ltd, and Funeng Intelligent Manufacturing (Beijing) Technology Service Co, Ltd. These collaborations aim to provide a seamless integration of technology, manufacturing, and financial resources to support the center’s ambitious projects.

A New Era for Sports and Health

Benny Zee Chung-ying, director of the Centre for Clinical Research and Biostatistics at CUHK, highlighted the center’s role in fostering industry-university-research collaborations. These efforts are poised to not only unearth and nurture athletic talent but also to promote the broader development of sports technology.

Carlos Law, deputy general manager of Funeng Intelligent Manufacturing, anticipates the rapid progress of this initiative, with products expected to hit the market this year. The success of this venture could significantly impact the sports industry, creating jobs, and enhancing public health and fitness standards.

Key Takeaways:

  • AI-based Retinal Image Analysis: A game-changer in sports for talent identification and injury management.
  • Collaborative Innovation: The center represents a successful partnership between academia and industry.
  • Health and Wellness: Beyond sports, the initiative aims to elevate general health and fitness levels.

The Global Sports and Wellness Innovation Centre stands as a beacon of progress, integrating technology with sports to unlock new potentials and pave the way for healthier, more resilient athletes.

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