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Tumblr’s parent company is negotiating a data-sharing agreement with huge AI companies

ByYasmeeta Oon

Feb 29, 2024

In an unexpected twist that could leave the Tumblr community reeling, Automattic—the parent organization behind both Tumblr and—is reportedly in discussions with prominent AI entities, Midjourney and OpenAI. A recent exposé by 404 Media, citing an unnamed Automattic insider, hints at a forthcoming arrangement that could see Tumblr’s vast repository of user posts becoming fodder for AI training algorithms. This revelation has sent shockwaves through the online realm, igniting debates over data privacy and the moral ramifications of utilizing user-generated material in AI development.

Navigating the Privacy Quandary: Automattic’s Data Sharing Dilemma

As the digital domain braces for potential upheaval, Automattic is on the cusp of unveiling a pivotal feature aimed at addressing growing data privacy concerns. Scheduled for release this Wednesday, a novel opt-out mechanism will empower Tumblr aficionados to decide if their contributions should be accessible to third parties, including AI conglomerates. This move comes amidst insider disclosures indicating that Automattic may have already embarked on a comprehensive data scraping endeavor. Allegedly, the firm has amassed a colossal “initial data dump” comprising every public Tumblr post from 2014 through 2023, alarmingly extending to materials presumed private. The destiny of this data cache, particularly its sharing status with Midjourney or OpenAI, is currently shrouded in mystery, with official confirmations still pending.

The Ethical Tightrope: Balancing AI Advancements with User Autonomy

Automattic’s predicament mirrors a broader ethical conundrum faced by numerous corporations in the digital era. The allure of AI innovation has led many to broker deals with AI developers, offering up vast swathes of data for algorithm training. This trend is exemplified by Reddit’s hefty $60 million annual contract with Google and Shutterstock’s alliance with OpenAI. Yet, such ventures are increasingly under the microscope, especially within creative communities on platforms like Tumblr. There’s a growing chorus of dissent from artists and writers against non-consensual use of their creations for AI learning. This resistance compels organizations to navigate a delicate balance, striving to harness AI’s potential while honoring individual rights and privacy. The recent uproar against platforms like DeviantArt, which have dabbled in AI technologies, underscores this challenge.

Automattic’s Pursuit of Profitability for Tumblr

Central to these deliberations is Automattic’s enduring quest to carve a profitable niche for Tumblr since its acquisition from Verizon in 2019. Despite thriving ventures such as and WordPress VIP, monetizing Tumblr has been an uphill battle. The past year saw Automattic scaling back its ambitions for Tumblr, although the precise financial prospects of the potential AI collaboration remain under wraps. The ramifications of such a partnership could be profound, not just for Automattic’s bottom line but for the broader dialogues around data privacy and ethical AI utilization.

Key Developments and Considerations:

  • Automattic’s AI Discussions: Engaging with AI firms Midjourney and OpenAI for potential use of Tumblr data.
  • Data Privacy Initiatives: Introduction of an opt-out feature for users to control their data’s exposure to third parties.
  • Ethical and Privacy Concerns: The dilemma of leveraging user-generated content for AI without explicit consent.
  • Creative Community Pushback: Resistance from artists and writers over non-consensual use of their work.
  • The Quest for Tumblr’s Profitability: Automattic’s strategies to monetize Tumblr amidst evolving digital landscapes.

Analyzing the Impact: Tumblr’s Data in the AI Arena

The potential integration of Tumblr’s extensive user data with AI training protocols represents a pivotal juncture in the platform’s evolution and the broader discourse on digital ethics. This section delves into the multifaceted implications of such an initiative, considering the perspectives of stakeholders ranging from corporate executives to the end-users whose creative outputs fuel Tumblr’s vibrant ecosystem.

Automattic’s Strategic Maneuvering

Automattic’s foray into AI partnerships underscores a strategic pivot aimed at revitalizing Tumblr’s economic model. By potentially harnessing Tumblr’s rich data trove, Automattic could unlock new revenue streams and bolster its position in the competitive digital marketplace. However, this approach necessitates a careful balancing act, ensuring technological innovation does not come at the expense of user trust and privacy.

The Creative Pulse of Tumblr

At the heart of Tumblr lies a dynamic community of creators, whose contributions have defined the platform’s identity. The prospect of their work being repurposed for AI training raises critical questions about authorship, consent, and the value of digital content. As Automattic navigates its proposed data sharing initiatives, the response from this community will likely shape the platform’s policies and its relationship with the broader creative landscape.

Policy and Privacy Considerations

The unfolding scenario brings to the fore pressing issues related to data governance, consent mechanisms, and the ethical deployment of AI technologies. Automattic’s introduction of an opt-out option represents a step towards addressing these concerns, but it also highlights the need for robust policy frameworks that safeguard user rights in the age of AI.

Comparing Data Sharing Practices

PlatformAI PartnershipUser Consent MechanismData Scope
TumblrMidjourney, OpenAIOpt-out optionPublic posts (2014-2023)
RedditGoogleN/AUser interactions
ShutterstockOpenAIImplicitPhoto library

The Road Ahead: Ethical AI and User Empowerment

As Automattic, Midjourney, and OpenAI potentially draw closer to formalizing their collaboration, the stakes are high for the future of content creation, data privacy, and the ethical application of AI. The resolution of these talks could establish precedents for the treatment of user-generated content within the burgeoning AI industry, influencing not only Tumblr’s trajectory but also the broader digital ecosystem.

The Tumblr community, alongside digital rights advocates, will be watching closely as further developments unfold. The dialogue between innovation and individual rights is ongoing, with Automattic’s decisions in the coming weeks likely to contribute significantly to this critical conversation. In an era where digital content is both ubiquitous and invaluable, the path forged by Tumblr could illuminate the challenges and opportunities of navigating the complex interplay between technological advancement and human creativity.

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