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LinkedIn Introduces Gaming for a More Interactive Networking Experience

ByHuey Yee Ong

Mar 18, 2024

LinkedIn Introduces Gaming for a More Interactive Networking Experience

LinkedIn, the professional networking platform owned by Microsoft, known for its emphasis on career development, networking, and recruitment, is exploring a new dimension to increase user engagement: gaming. With over a billion users, LinkedIn is trying out puzzle-based games to spice up the platform. Inspired by the success of games like Wordle, they’re introducing titles such as “Queens,” “Inference,” and “Crossclimb.”

Why Incorporate Gaming into LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has officially confirmed its foray into gaming, although it has yet to announce a specific launch date. A spokesperson conveyed to TechCrunch the company’s intent to integrate puzzle-based games within LinkedIn to introduce an element of fun, foster deeper relationships, and spark conversations among its users. They encouraged users to “stay tuned” for future updates, noting that the visuals shared by researchers are not reflective of the most current developments.

Further stirring curiosity, LinkedIn released updated images of its gaming initiative, although details about how Microsoft, a giant in the gaming industry with successful ventures like Xbox, Activision Blizzard, and ZeniMax, is involved in LinkedIn’s gaming project remain undisclosed. Microsoft’s gaming division recently reported revenues surpassing those of Windows for the first time, highlighting the financial potential of this venture.

The strategy to integrate games into non-gaming platforms is not new and has been a successful engagement tool for mobile and PC apps. The popularity of puzzle-based casual games, in particular, underscores the wide appeal of such content. Notably, The New York Times expanded its digital offering by acquiring Wordle in 2022, maintaining a strong player base with its array of online puzzles and games.

Facebook’s attempt at bolstering its platform with social gaming, despite initially driving traffic, saw a decline, leading to the shutdown of its standalone gaming app in 2022. The social networking behemoth has since shifted its focus towards mixed reality experiences and its Meta Quest business.

LinkedIn’s exploration of gaming is part of its broader strategy to diversify and enhance user engagement on the platform. Over the years, LinkedIn has introduced various features aimed at enriching the professional and educational experiences of its users. These have included online education initiatives, a publishing and news operation, enhanced video tools, and efforts to engage creators and influencers. By tapping into the widespread appeal of gaming, LinkedIn hopes to create a more interactive and enjoyable environment for professional networking and development.

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