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Etherscan Advertisements Linked to Extensive Phishing Efforts

ByDayne Lee

Apr 10, 2024
Etherscan Advertisements Linked to Extensive Phishing Efforts

Etherscan Advertisements Linked to Extensive Phishing Efforts

The Ethereum blockchain explorer Etherscan has become an unwitting participant in a significant phishing operation, as identified by vigilant community members and cybersecurity platforms. This campaign has set its sights on the users of Etherscan, employing deceptive advertisements to orchestrate its malicious activities.

Discovery and Initial Warning

The initial discovery came to light on April 8, when an astute member of community X, known as McBiblets, flagged certain advertisements on Etherscan as potential threats. These ads, dubbed “wallet drainers,” served as a conduit to phishing sites, ensnaring unsuspecting users. This revelation spurred further inquiry, uncovering that the ads found on Etherscan were also prevalent across a range of notorious phishing domains.

Leveraging McBiblets’ findings, the Web3 anti-scam entity, Scam Sniffer, expanded the investigation, revealing a wider distribution of these nefarious advertisements. Not limited to Etherscan, these ads infiltrated prominent search engines including Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and even made their way onto the social media platform X. Scam Sniffer attributed this extensive reach to a lack of stringent vetting by ad aggregators such as Coinzilla and Persona, pinpointing this as a pivotal factor in the phishing campaign’s proliferation.

Root Cause Analysis:

  • Ad Aggregators Cited: The investigation highlighted insufficient filtering mechanisms within ad platforms, exposing users to phishing schemes.
  • Scam Sniffer’s Insight: A call for enhanced oversight to mitigate the risk of such phishing endeavors.

Mechanism of the Wallet Drainer Scam

The scam operates by directing victims to counterfeit websites that prompt them to connect their cryptocurrency wallets. Upon establishing this connection, scammers gain the ability to transfer funds to their accounts, bypassing any form of user consent or authentication.

SlowMist, a blockchain security firm, through its chief information security officer, 23pds, echoed warnings about the phishing ads on Etherscan, underscoring the severity of the threat. Furthermore, suspicion has fallen on a notorious phishing group, Angel Drainer, believed to be orchestrating this attack. Despite the strong suspicions, definitive proof of their involvement remains elusive as investigations continue.

Impact of Crypto Phishing Scams

The year 2023 witnessed a staggering loss of nearly $300 million to crypto phishing scams, affecting over 324,000 victims. This trend underscores the sophisticated and relentless nature of phishing operations, which, even after the dismantling of wallet drainers, find new venues to perpetuate their scams.

Phishing Scams by the Numbers:

  • 2023 Losses: Approximately $300 million.
  • Victim Count: Over 324,000 individuals.
  • Adaptability of Scammers: Despite shutdowns, phishing groups migrate to new platforms, maintaining their fraudulent activities.

Strategies to Combat Phishing

  • Vigilance and Education: Users are advised to exercise caution and familiarize themselves with the hallmarks of phishing attempts.
  • Platform Responsibility: Ad platforms are urged to bolster their vetting processes to prevent the dissemination of malicious ads.
  • Community Effort: Reporting suspicious ads can significantly aid in their prompt removal and the protection of the community.

The unfolding phishing campaign exploiting Etherscan’s advertising space highlights the complex challenges at the intersection of cybersecurity and the burgeoning crypto economy. The concerted efforts of community members, cybersecurity experts, and platform administrators are crucial in thwarting these phishing schemes. As this situation develops, the crypto community remains on high alert, reinforcing the importance of diligence and the collective resolve to safeguard the ecosystem against such pervasive threats.

The narrative underscores a pressing need for heightened security measures and community vigilance to combat the evolving landscape of crypto phishing scams effectively.

Featured image credit: Jack Moreh via Freerange Stock

Dayne Lee

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