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Spotify’s Awaited HiFi Feature May Launch This Year with Extra Charges

ByHuey Yee Ong

Jun 15, 2024

Spotify’s Awaited HiFi Feature May Launch This Year with Extra Charges

Spotify is gearing up to launch its much-anticipated HiFi streaming service by the end of 2024, an offering that promises to enhance the audio quality for its users but at an additional cost.

Initially announced in 2021, Spotify’s HiFi plan has been delayed, yet it now appears set for release, contingent upon users paying extra.

What Will Spotify’s HiFi Service Cost?

According to Bloomberg, the HiFi option will be available as an add-on service, costing at least $5 more per month on top of Spotify’s Premium subscription.

For individual users interested in this high-fidelity audio experience, the total cost could rise to a minimum of $17 per month. It remains unclear whether subscribers on Spotify’s $6 student plan or those using the free tier will have access to the HiFi feature.

Competitive HiFi Offerings

Comparatively, HiFi audio is not a new concept in the streaming world. Competitors such as Apple Music and Amazon Music Unlimited already offer high-fidelity audio included in their standard $11 monthly fee for individuals—no extra charge beyond the base subscription. Tidal, another key player in the market, initially set itself apart by focusing on high-quality audio, now available at the same price as its rivals.

In addition to pure sound quality, Spotify is reportedly enhancing its service with a new feature within the so-called “Supremium” add-on. This feature aims to revolutionize how users interact with music by enabling the creation of custom playlists instantly based on specific activities, dates, and times of the year.

Bloomberg notes that Spotify’s technology will not only adjust playlists according to a user’s listening habits but will also eventually automate the creation of playlists without any direct input from the user, leveraging behavioral data to personalize the experience further.

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