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American Potential Podcast Wins Platinum 2024 Viddy Award for Episode Featuring Mike Rowe

ByEthan Lin

Jun 27, 2024

The acclaimed podcast “American Potential,” hosted by Jeff Crank, has been honored with the Platinum 2024 Viddy Award for its powerful episode, “From Dirty Jobs to Advocacy: Mike Rowe’s Journey to Empower America’s Workers.” 

“We are deeply honored to receive the Platinum 2024 Viddy Award,” said Jeff Crank, host of “American Potential.” “This recognition is a testament to the incredible stories we have the privilege of sharing and the impact they have on our listeners. We extend our heartfelt thanks to our listeners for their unwavering support and for helping us achieve over 20 million episode views and downloads since our launch.” 

About the Award-Winning Episode  

The award-winning episode features the multifaceted Mike Rowe, renowned for his groundbreaking work on “Dirty Jobs” and his staunch advocacy for skilled trades. In this episode, Mike Rowe shares captivating stories from his varied career, beginning with the pivotal phone call from his mother that led him to the sewers of San Francisco and laying the foundation for “Dirty Jobs.” Rowe’s journey underscores the value of embracing opportunities that others might overlook and highlights the significance of recognizing dignity in all work. 

To watch the award-winning episode, visit: From Dirty Jobs to Advocacy: Mike Rowe’s Journey to Empower America’s Workers 

About American Potential 
“American Potential” is a project of Americans for Prosperity, an advocacy organization that helps pass policies to expand freedom and opportunity. The podcast educates listeners by sharing policy solutions to the most important challenges facing the country and highlighting the stories of those making a difference. 

Hosted by Jeff Crank, Regional Vice President at Americans for Prosperity, the podcast features guests ranging from public officials to ordinary Americans stepping up in big ways. The mission of “American Potential” is to inspire listeners and equip them with the information they need to raise their voices and be heard. 

Past Achievements 
In addition to the 2024 Viddy Award, “American Potential” has also been recognized with a 2023 Gold w3 Award and was nominated for the 2024 Latin Podcast Awards for Podcast of the Year for its Spanish version. These accolades underscore the podcast’s commitment to excellence and its impact in both English and Spanish-speaking communities. 
Contact Information For more information about the “American Potential” podcast and the award-winning episode, please contact: 

Monica Hoss 
Producer, American Potential 

Visit the American Potential Website to listen to the award-winning episode and explore more inspiring stories. 

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