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“The Asia-Pacific RWA Tokenization Platform” 2024 Biannual Forum is being held in Singapore: The Real Application Moment of RWA is Approaching

ByEthan Lin

Jul 2, 2024

On June 26th, the Asia-Pacific RWA Tokenization Platform (APRTP-Asia-Pacific RWA Tokenization Platform) held its 2024 Biannual Forum at the Singapore Sands Convention Centre.

Two world-class bank and bank-backed institutions, Qatar National Bank (QNB) and China Merchants Bank International (CMBI), as well as executives from companies such as Amber Group, Bybit, Ceffu, LTP, Fireblocks, BTSE, Bouncebit, and dozens of industry representatives, attended the forum and held two group summit discussion.

Silas Lee, CEO of QNB (SG) attended the Aprtp2024 Biannual Forum and delivered a speech

The keynote speech was delivered by the Qatar National Bank Singapore Branch CEO, Mr Silas Lee. 52% owned by Qatar Investment Authority, QNB is not only the largest bank in Middle East and Africa, but also have presence in Europe and Asia. During Mr Lee’s speech, he highlighted that QNB sees blockchain and tokenisation as key initiatives in line with Qatar FinTech Strategy 2023. He is very excited about the potential and future of blockchain technology and how traditional finance can cross over using it. QNB-DMZ Fund, which has been in preparation and uses the tokenisation technology, is a major step for QNB to move into fund tokenisation. With this, he closes his keynote address by saying that hopefully the next time he addresses the audience again will be the successful launch of the QNB-DMZ Fund.

APRTP founding member and DMZ Finance Chairperson, Nathan Ma delivered the speech on behalf of the forum.

Nathan Ma, Chairman of DMZ Finance

He mentioned that 2024 is the inaugural year of the integration of RWA and DeFi – the RWA Real Application (RRA) moment is coming. Be it in witnessing asset manager giant Blackrock’s venture into RWA through the outstanding performance of its first Tokenized Fund-BUIDL; or the first cooperation between ONDO and DEX, are both clear indication of this. DMZ is honoured to be the Web3 technology partner of two world-class financial institutions, providing a solid technical infrastructure for the upcoming RWA Real Application (RRA) moment in the Asia-Pacific region.

In the subsequent summit group forum, executives from DMZ, QNB, Bybit, Amber Group, and DC Capital discussed the prospects and challenges of RWA assets entering the CEX trading scenario from the perspectives of banks, exchanges, market makers, and hedge funds.

The second summit group forum was held among infrastructure providers in the crypto ecosystem, with enthusiastic discussions among executives from LTP, Fireblocks, Ceffu, BTSE, and Bouncebit.

The following two ceremonies pushed the APRTP Biannual Forum to a climax.

The “Theme DMZ Access Money Plus Fund”, managed by China Merchants Bank International (Singapore) and custodian by DBS, held a ribbon-cutting ceremony. This will be the first Tokenized Fund managed by CMBI (SG).

The forum concluded with all attending representatives unanimously believe that RWA token has great prospects in various scenarios of DeFi, such as DEX, CEX, lending, stablecoin underlying, etc. – the real application moment of RWA is coming.


Being a pioneering initiative to serve as a collaborative ecosystem where like-minded RWA tokenization players and traditional institutions can come together to exchange information and ideas, establish industry standards, build technology infrastructure, and develop real business cases.




About DMZ

DMZ.Finance is a blockchain financial technology company headquartered in Singapore. It was co-founded by Lee Kai Yang, the former CEO of CMB International (Singapore), and NM, a serial entrepreneur in the financial technology field. The company is committed to “Navigate Defi with World-Class Banking”, through cooperation with world-class banking institutions, provides complete institutional-level financial custody solutions for traditional financial institutions and VIP investors to invest in crypto assets.




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