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Holberton School Azerbaijan Celebrates First Graduation Day at Fairmont Hotel Baku and Announces Expansion Plans

ByEthan Lin

Jul 7, 2024

Holberton School Azerbaijan celebrated its first “Graduation Day” at the prestigious Fairmont Hotel Baku on July 4. The event was attended by special guests, mentors, Holberton School global CEO Florian Bucher, and other team members from global offices.

The “Holberton School” network offers top-tier technological programs in Silicon Valley, delivering education in the field of ICT through innovative and practical methodologies. Backed by the “PAŞA Holding” Group of Companies and initiated by the Innovation and Digital Development Agency, the esteemed global school network “Holberton School” has established its presence in Azerbaijan.

Holberton School Azerbaijan offers unique opportunities and educational environments for both young individuals and those looking to change their careers. The teaching methodology and materials are designed to be accessible to everyone, fostering a learn-to-learn format. Education is delivered through a peer-to-peer learning approach, enabling students to work in team-based settings and effectively grasp the educational program through interaction with their peers. Shamsi Bayramzadeh, CEO of Holberton School Azerbaijan, states that this approach ensures students develop essential skills and knowledge in a collaborative environment.

Holberton School equips its students with both technical and soft skills, preparing them for success in the job market. Consequently, graduates quickly excel in the burgeoning technology industry and advance to leadership roles in various companies. Additionally, “Holberton School” offers its platform to companies, allowing them to customize it to their needs and invest in team development. The school currently operates in 34 cities across 22 countries, offering programs such as Foundation, Full Stack, Machine Learning, AI, and more.

In response to increasing demand, the school is preparing to move to a new, larger, and better-equipped campus, aimed at providing students with a more comfortable and conducive learning environment. The school is committed to offering more comprehensive educational programs in the future and to becoming one of the country’s primary IT centers.

Holberton School Azerbaijan partners with Mediamark Digital and the “” platform on a global stage to promote the school’s values and vision through marketing, PR, and event organization. This collaboration aims to contribute valuable work to the country’s ecosystem, participate in significant events both domestically and internationally, and take important steps in this direction in the future.

Holberton School Azerbaijan aims to become a “HUB” for neighboring and regional countries in the future, with plans to expand the world-renowned school from this base to the Caucasus, Central Asia, and the Middle East, thereby increasing its strategic importance in the region.

Ethan Lin

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