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The Virus Killing Robot Patrolling the Key West International Airport

ByMike Paul

Jan 19, 2021

The Virus Killing Robot Patrolling the Key West International Airport

The modern problem calls for a modern solution, one such solution to this modern-day pandemic Covid-19 is the Robert killing virus which is designed especially to kill Covid-19 and other pathogens present in the area which cannot be detected through naked eyes. The robot machines are developed by Denmark-based UVD Robots, the robot emits an ultraviolet (UV) ray which is mounted on the robot’s base. Ultraviolet is used as a disinfectant for several years it is one of the traditional ways of dealing with viruses and pathogens. According to James Malley, UV lights works its best to disinfectant the place or environment but it cannot replace the traditional cleaning, social distancing, and wearing a mask for Covid-19 pandemic.

The invention of the virus killing robot

The UVD Robots started producing virus killing robots way before the Covid-19 pandemic stuck the world in the year 2020. The UVD Robots manufactured virus killing robots in partnership between parent company Blue Ocean Robotics and Denmark’s health care system. The robot was produced for the use of hospitals wherein different types of patients are admitted with different viruses and diseases. The robot had the sole purpose to prevent other patients from getting infected with new bacteria or virus after being admitted to the hospitals. However, now the virus killing bacteria is used in many public places too since the Covid-19 pandemic.

Virus-killing robots move from hospitals to public spaces

According to Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, person to person touch or contact is the primary means for the spread of coronavirus in the world. The other way to catch coronavirus is through coming in contact with the respiratory droplets of the infected person on the surface or any object and then touching their own mouth, nose, and eyes. The second reason has been the common and popular cause for the spread of coronavirus throughout the world. The virus killing robot has been in demand as it kills or disinfectants the place from the virus through UV lights. Florida airport has got its own virus killing robot to kill all types of virus present in the airport.

The same machine was also used in Key West International Airport as airports are visited by a thousand people in a day from different places who carry different types of virus and new bacteria. The virus killing robot has now moved from hospitals to public spaces to protect and ensure the safety of people. The robot is not only functioned for hospitals and airports it can be also used in shopping malls, hotels, cruise ship, and large structure places where many people gather together.

How is the robot helping to reduce the spread of the virus?

The virus killing robot produced by the UVD Robots is designed to kill 99% of pathogens including the coronavirus. The robot patrols the entire programmed area and removes or kills the virus or bacteria present on the area which cannot be detected through the naked eyes. The robot then makes the entire area virus free by emitting Ultraviolet (UV) lights on the surface.

Mike Paul

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