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Deta secures $3.6M for cloud-based OS development.

ByYasmeeta Oon

Oct 18, 2023

Deta, a pioneering tech company based in Berlin, is on a mission to transform personal computing through the introduction of Deta Space, which its founder describes as the world’s inaugural personal cloud computer.

This innovative startup has secured $3.6 million in seed funding, led by Crane Venture Partners, to bolster its vision of empowering users with enhanced control and privacy through a unique cloud-based operating system.

In a discussion with VentureBeat, Mustafa Abdelhai, the CEO and co-founder of Deta, shared the inspiration behind Deta Space: “It all started with my personal experience as a software user. I can recall the days of the late 90s and early 2000s when one had their computer with all their software – be it PowerPoint, enterprise software, or various music players – everything resided on your computer.”

Abdelhai’s objective is to restore control and independence to users, particularly in an era where personal data has become a traded commodity. He mentioned, “There might be something missing here, perhaps we’re approaching it the wrong way,” in reference to the current landscape of cloud computing.

“The core concept is that the operating system of the computer resides in the cloud,” he explained, “and it can be accessed from anywhere using any device.”

A cloud-based operating system for all your devices.

Deta Space operates on the company’s groundbreaking “Space OS,” granting users the ability to manage their own applications and data without dependence on major platforms like AWS. Abdelhai clarified their approach, stating, “Instead of attempting to outdo AWS, we see it as an evolution of the personal computer in the cloud.”

The Space OS facilitates seamless compatibility between applications, a departure from traditional web software. Additionally, it ensures privacy by enabling apps to store data in secure, user-controlled personal environments.

The worlds first cloud-based operating system. (Image Credit: Deta)

Over 67,000 developers have enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to create applications within Deta Space, underscoring the strong demand for a platform that prioritizes user control.

Deta’s unique approach has the potential to usher in a transformative era in enterprise data and AI. The company’s unwavering commitment to user empowerment challenges the prevailing norms of the tech industry, where large corporations often dictate the direction of software. Deta’s emphasis on interoperability also opens the door to a more collaborative and less isolated technology environment.

Should Deta’s vision come to fruition, it could fundamentally reshape our interactions with software, making it more personalized, empowering, and user-centric. As Abdelhai articulated, “We genuinely believe that we’re crafting a computer operating system that could replace your current one.”

Deta Space disrupts conventional wisdom by placing users, not platforms, in control. Its human-centric approach has the potential to compel tech giants to reevaluate their relationships with customers and data. Of course, significant technical and adoption challenges lie ahead, but with the backing of prominent venture firms like System.One, Tomahawk.VC, Tiny.VC, as well as support from founders and early employees of companies such as NGINX and Notion, Deta possesses both the financial resources and the visionary outlook to introduce a new era of computing.

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