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Hololight secures $12 million in funding for its XR streaming software.

ByYasmeeta Oon

Nov 28, 2023

Hololight secures $12 million in funding for its XR streaming software.

Hololight, a software company specializing in AR and VR solutions for enterprises, has secured $12 million in funding to accelerate the development of its XR streaming platform, known as Hololight Hub.

This investment is aimed at advancing Hololight’s XR streaming technology, which serves various industries, including product development, manufacturing, training, and service sectors.

Hololight Hub, an enterprise-grade streaming platform, caters to immersive applications such as virtual reality and augmented reality, facilitating global deployment and seamless integration of XR applications for enterprises seeking to enhance their industrial processes.

Susanne Haspinger, Chief Operating Officer, emphasized their unique approach: “We went directly to industry customers as we were coming from the industry. We knew that we could speak their language… We just thought we can solve all these issues by streaming and putting everything on the server, leaving your secure data safe.”

The latest funding round, led by European growth equity firm Flatz Hoffmann, along with support from existing investors EnBW New Ventures, Bayern Kapital, and Future Energy Ventures, brings Hololight’s total investment to $27 million.

This strategic investment is poised to expand XR streaming capabilities, supporting future-proof XR infrastructures and fostering innovative collaborations and digital workflows in three-dimensional environments.

Hololight Hub addresses unique challenges in industrial environments related to computing, data, and security by streaming entire AR or VR applications across local servers and the cloud, improving content quality, accessibility, security, and management while simplifying deployment.

Hololight was founded by Florian Haspinger, Alexander Werlberger, Susanne Haspinger, and Luis Bollinger, driven by their vision to unlock the potential of 3D data in enterprise settings.

Unlike many other startups, they chose to focus on enterprise technology for VR, recognizing the high-security needs of these sectors. Susanne Haspinger highlighted the impact of XR on training, stating, “XR has been much better at training as it is so immersive and engaging.”

To address security concerns, Hololight streams from secure servers, ensuring data safety, and supports various VR headsets, including HoloLens, Meta Quest 2, and more.

Hololight has spent years perfecting its proprietary streaming technology, which forms the foundation of its enterprise-grade streaming platform, Hololight Hub.

The company, headquartered in Innsbruck, Austria, with employees in Germany and Durham, North Carolina, has achieved remarkable revenue growth, serving over 150 customers, including major companies like BMW, Nokia, and Engie.

Hololight has forged strategic partnerships with industry leaders like Amazon Web Services, Qualcomm, Nvidia, and Verizon. It charges customers through a subscription fee for licenses and competes in a friendly manner with rivals like Nvidia’s Cloud XR technology.

Hololight CEO Florian Haspinger expressed excitement about fast-tracking growth at the Durham office, emphasizing their vision to make XR streaming accessible for enterprises.

Christopher Hoffmann, Partner at Flatz Hoffmann, lauded Hololight’s success in the global XR market and its inclusive management culture, pledging support for the company’s growth.

The fundraising process took approximately 10 months to a year, with the focus on securing investors who believed in the potential of XR technology for improving engagement and training through 3D simulations.

Marc Umber, Head of Investment at EnBW New Ventures, commended Hololight’s groundbreaking technology and its potential to transform various industries, while also foreseeing XR streaming’s impact on daily life with the growth of next-generation mobile networks.

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