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Workato’s 2024 Work Automation Index Highlights Emerging Trends in AI and Automation

ByYasmeeta Oon

Feb 1, 2024

Workato’s 2024 Work Automation Index Highlights Emerging Trends in AI and Automation

SINGAPORE, 1 February 2024 – Workato, the pioneer in AI-driven automation and integration solutions, proudly announced the release of its third annual Work Automation Index. This comprehensive report, drawing on anonymized customer data from 1,055 midsize to large-scale enterprises, sheds light on the dynamic landscape of automation over the past year, revealing the pivotal role of AI and automation in shaping business strategies amid economic challenges and technological advancements.

Unveiling New Trends in Automation and AI Integration

The Work Automation Index for 2024 meticulously charts the evolving relationship between automation and artificial intelligence within the corporate sphere, emphasizing their growing importance in business innovation and operational efficiency.

Key Findings from the Report

  • Explosive Growth in Generative AI: The utilization of generative AI in business processes has seen an unprecedented surge, increasing by 400%. Despite accounting for less than 1% of enterprise spending, the adoption and expansion of generative AI processes and endpoints have significantly grown, highlighting a keen interest in leveraging AI for enhanced productivity and creativity.
  • The Dawn of a New Automation Mindset: Amidst rapid technological shifts, a fresh automation perspective emphasizing agility, systemic integration, and inclusivity is emerging. This mindset underscores the transformative potential of AI and automation in redefining organizational workflows and operational paradigms.
  • Diverse Industry Adoption: The report identifies six megatrends influencing the adoption of automation across various sectors, including AI advancements, the rise of citizen developers, tool sprawl management, enriched user experiences, strategic data utilization, and the establishment of a new automation ethos.

Automation Megatrends Breakdown

  1. AI Innovations: Rapid advancements in AI technologies are propelling businesses towards integrating intelligent automation in their core operations.
  2. Citizen Developers: Non-IT personnel are increasingly contributing to automation initiatives, showcasing the democratization of technology within enterprises.
  3. Tool Sprawl: Organizations are actively seeking solutions to streamline and manage the proliferation of digital tools within their ecosystems.
  4. Enhanced Experiences: The focus on improving user and customer experiences through automation is becoming a critical business objective.
  5. Data Strategy Optimization: Effective data management and strategy are central to leveraging automation for informed decision-making and insights.
  6. The New Automation Mindset: An overarching trend towards embracing comprehensive, agile, and inclusive automation approaches is evident, marking a shift in organizational culture and strategy.

Statistical Highlights and Insights

  • Generative AI Leadership: Revenue operations and IT departments are at the forefront of adopting generative AI, with 48% and 31% of processes, respectively, incorporating this technology.
  • Increasing Complexity of Automated Processes: There is a noticeable trend towards more sophisticated automation, with processes integrating multiple applications, steps, and complex logic.
  • Human-Inclusive Automation: A significant portion of automated processes (11%) are designed to include human interactions, such as approvals or handling exceptions, indicating a blend of human and machine capabilities.
  • IT’s Evolving Role: IT departments are transitioning from solely executing automations to also guiding and governing automation practices across the organization, with 56% of automations still developed by IT professionals.
  • Regional Growth: The EMEA and APJ regions have shown remarkable year-over-year growth in automation adoption, at 209% and 173% respectively, underscoring the global momentum towards embracing automation technologies.

Table: Automation Adoption by Department

DepartmentPercentage of Automated ProcessesGrowth in Adoption

Perspectives on the Future of Automation

Carter Busse, Chief Information Officer at Workato, emphasized the transformative power of automation and AI, noting, “If 2023 was the year of AI, 2024 will most certainly be the year of Automation and AI. The strategic adoption of these technologies is not just about growth but ensuring success across all facets of the business.”

Saiesh Prakash, Senior Manager of Enterprise Integrations at Coinbase, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the foundational shift towards AI and automation, “Leaders are increasingly recognizing the necessity of AI in our strategies. With the Work Automation Index, we’re witnessing this shift, with RevOps and IT teams spearheading the adoption of Generative AI.”


The 2024 Work Automation Index from Workato not only highlights the significant strides made in AI and automation adoption across industries but also illustrates a changing landscape where these technologies become integral to business strategies. As organizations navigate through economic uncertainties and technological advancements, the synergy between AI and automation is poised to redefine operational efficiencies, foster innovation, and drive growth.

For more detailed insights and to access the full report, visit Workato’s website.

About Workato

Workato stands at the forefront of enterprise automation, offering AI-powered solutions that enable organizations to enhance business efficiency without compromising security or governance. Trusted by over 17,000 leading global brands, including Broadcom, Intuit, and Box, Workato continues to redefine the automation space, catering to both Business and IT users.

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