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Tough tech rules implemented by British under new digital watchdog

BySheldon Wong

May 14, 2022
Facebook UK Watchdog

Tough tech rules implemented by British under new digital watchdog

Britain has come up with new tough rules under a digital watchdog that massive companies like Facebook parent Meta and Google would have to abide by. The major objective is to provide customers with better and more choices online – or face the danger of huge fines. The government of the United Kingdom has put forth the powers it has been planning of the Digital Markets Unit. It hasn’t been mentioned when these rules would take effect. The authorities across Europe and Britain want to clamp down on the technology firms amidst the increasing concern about harmful material proliferating on their platforms. Things might change since Britain pushes tough tech rules under a new digital watchdog. 

It has been said that the new UK watchdog will now implement rules that will help people switch between Android and iPhone devices or between social media handles without having to lose any data or messages. According to the digital department of the government, there will be a bigger choice of search engines offered to smartphone users. 

Additionally, the users will now be able to control how their data is being used. It has also been said that tech companies will have to inform small companies that have a lot of their business online about the changes in the algorithms. This could have an impact on both their web traffic and the revenue generated. 

The government has said that now the watchdog will also get the authority to solve disputes related to pricing between news published and platforms online. This will make sure that media companies get fairly for all their content and hard work. 

Going ahead, tech companies might have to pay fines worth 10% of their annual global revenue, if they didn’t follow all the rules set by the government. If this is the case then the big firms out there would have to pay billions of dollars as their fine amount. There were no responses by Meta and Google on requests for comments. 

As Britain pushes tough tech rules under a new digital watchdog there would be a lot of impact on various companies. It might affect the revenue generated by top leading companies. 

Topping the separate online safety law that is in progress, the UK rules aim at providing the users with more power and benefits. They would be able to abolish anonymous trolls and workaround requirements for the digital platforms. This can be very helpful for removing illegal material like posts that include terrorism or child sexual abuse. 

The government has decided on these tough rules in the hope of eliminating illegal content. But with the changes in the algorithms, they could be a lot of loss to big companies. However, media firms are aimed to get fair pay and reduce indifferences. 

Also, the European Union has similar rules which are on its way. Huge tech companies will have to monitor their platforms more strictly for illegal or harmful services or content. 

Sheldon Wong

Sheldon was a contributor on DMR. He has since left the team to pursue his career in the Insurance industry.