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AMD’s discrete AIB GPU shipments increased by 17%, while NVIDIA’s rose by 4.7% in Q4 2023, resulting in a 32% overall market growth

ByYasmeeta Oon

Mar 8, 2024
AMD's discrete AIB GPU shipments increased by 17%, while NVIDIA's rose by 4.7% in Q4 2023, resulting in a 32% overall market growth

AMD’s discrete AIB GPU shipments increased by 17%, while NVIDIA’s rose by 4.7% in Q4 2023, resulting in a 32% overall market growth

In an impressive end to the year, both AMD and NVIDIA have reported increased shipments of their AIB GPUs in the fourth quarter of 2023, signifying a robust period for the discrete graphics card segment. The latest market survey from Jon Peddie Research (JPR) sheds light on the dynamics within the AIB Discrete GPU market, offering insights into shifts in market shares, overall shipment growth, and the competitive landscape dominated by these tech giants.

The Q4 2023 report indicates a significant uptick in graphics card shipments, rising by 6.8% compared to the previous quarter and a remarkable 32% increase year-over-year. Since the beginning of 2000, the industry has seen a cumulative shipment of 2.3 billion AIB GPUs, culminating in a staggering total value of $482 billion.

Q4 2023 AIB GPU Market Share
ManufacturerQ4 2023 Market ShareQ3 2023 Market ShareChange

This quarter’s growth outpaces the 10-year average, which historically sits at a -0.6% decline, highlighting the remarkable health of the GPU market as it heads into 2024.

  • AMD’s Strategic Gains: AMD’s market share increased by 2 percentage points, reaching 19%. This growth primarily came at the expense of NVIDIA, though NVIDIA remains the dominant player with an 80% share. AMD’s success can be partly attributed to aggressive promotions and the introduction of new models like the Radeon RX 7800 XT & RX 7700 XT, and the RX 7900 GRE in China.
  • NVIDIA’s Continued Dominance: Despite a slight decrease in market share, NVIDIA continues to lead the market. The brand’s strategic releases and the anticipated impact of their new “SUPER” series models, launched in Q1 2024, are expected to further solidify their position.
  • Intel’s Ongoing Challenges: Intel maintains a 1% market share with its Arc A770, A750, and A580 lineup. Despite competitive pricing and continuous driver updates, Intel struggles to gain a significant foothold in the market.
  • Total AIB shipments reached 9.5 million units in Q4 2023, a 32% increase year-over-year.
  • AMD and NVIDIA both reported increases in unit shipments, with AMD seeing a substantial 117% increase from the previous year, indicating strong market demand for their products.
  • Intel’s position, while stable, underscores the challenges new entrants face in a market with well-established players.

The discrete GPU market is on an upward trajectory, buoyed by innovations from leading brands and evolving consumer demand. As we move into 2024, the following trends are expected to shape the industry:

  • AMD and NVIDIA’s Rivalry Intensifies: With AMD gaining ground and NVIDIA launching new products, the competition is set to become even more fierce.
  • Intel’s Potential Breakthrough: Intel’s efforts in driver optimization and market strategy adjustments could pave the way for a stronger market presence.
  • Technological Advancements: Advancements in GPU technology, including better power efficiency and enhanced performance, will continue to drive market growth.

The Q4 2023 AIB GPU market report underscores a period of growth and competitive dynamism within the discrete GPU sector. As AMD and NVIDIA continue to push the boundaries of graphics processing technology, the industry awaits the potential market shifts that Intel’s strategic moves might bring. With continuous innovation at the forefront, the discrete GPU market is poised for further expansion, offering exciting prospects for both consumers and manufacturers alike.

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