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Nvidia boosts partnerships with Chinese EV firms as auto AI competition intensifies.

ByYasmeeta Oon

Mar 20, 2024
Nvidia boosts partnerships with Chinese EV firms as auto AI competition intensifies.

Nvidia boosts partnerships with Chinese EV firms as auto AI competition intensifies.

In a significant expansion of its automotive collaborations, Nvidia, the global leader in AI and graphics processing technology, has announced a new partnership with BYD and several other Chinese automotive manufacturers. This partnership aims to propel the development of self-driving vehicles and AI-augmented infotainment technologies, setting the stage for a competitive push in the global market.

At the heart of this collaboration is Nvidia’s latest innovation in in-vehicle chips, Drive Thor, which promises to revolutionize autonomous driving and digital functionalities within the automotive industry. BYD, now the world’s leading electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, surpassing Tesla last year, plans to integrate Drive Thor into its next generation of vehicles. This move is expected to significantly enhance the capabilities of BYD’s vehicles in terms of autonomous driving and other digital features.

  • Integration of Drive Thor Chips: BYD will employ Nvidia’s Drive Thor chips in its vehicles to enable advanced levels of autonomous driving and digital functionalities.
  • Enhancements in Manufacturing and Supply Chain: Nvidia’s technology will also be utilized to improve the efficiency of BYD’s manufacturing processes and supply chain management.
  • Development of Virtual Showrooms: Utilizing Nvidia’s technology, BYD aims to innovate in how customers experience and interact with their vehicles through virtual showrooms.

During a conference call, Danny Shapiro, Nvidia’s Vice President for Automotive, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “Drive Thor is going into BYD vehicles next year.”

The announcement made at Nvidia’s GTC developer conference in San Jose, California, also highlighted expanded collaborations with other Chinese automakers, including Xpeng, GAC Aion’s Hyper brand, and autonomous truck developers. These partnerships underline the growing trend of Chinese automotive brands leveraging Nvidia’s cutting-edge technology to boost their global competitiveness and market presence.

Nvidia’s Automotive Collaborations in China
AutomakerTechnology UtilizedKey Objectives
BYDDrive ThorAutonomous driving, digital functionalities
XpengDrive ThorAutonomous driving enhancements
GAC Aion (Hyper)Drive ThorAdvanced digital features
Zeekr (Geely)Drive ThorLeveraging AI for vehicle innovation
Li AutoDrive ThorEnhancements in autonomous driving capabilities

In addition to these collaborations, Nvidia announced a new partnership with U.S. software company Cerence to adapt large language model AI systems for in-car computing, showcasing the versatility and broad applicability of Nvidia’s technologies in the automotive sector.

Chinese auto manufacturers, despite their rapid growth and technological advancements, continue to face the challenge of establishing strong global brand recognition. The partnership with Nvidia represents a strategic move to compensate for this through the adoption of advanced technologies. Automakers like BYD are not only looking to enhance their competitive edge in China against established Western brands but are also eyeing expansion into markets in Europe, Southeast Asia, and beyond.

  • Advanced Technological Capabilities: Access to Nvidia’s leading-edge autonomous driving and AI technologies.
  • Global Market Penetration: Leveraging Nvidia’s technologies to enhance global competitiveness and brand recognition.
  • Regulatory and Innovation Advantage: The ability to navigate and benefit from favorable regulations and incentives in China for the development of automated driving technologies.

Shapiro highlighted the enthusiasm within the Chinese automotive industry for innovation, stating, “There’s a massive number of Chinese automakers. They have a lot of incentives in place to innovate, a lot of regulation that’s favorable” to the development of increasingly automated driving systems.

Among the other notable partnerships announced by Nvidia includes its collaboration with Chinese computer maker Lenovo for the deployment of large language models and Soundhound’s use of Nvidia technology to develop an advanced in-vehicle voice command system. This system aims to enhance the user experience by allowing vehicle owners to access information through voice commands, potentially transforming how users interact with their vehicles.

Nvidia’s expanded collaborations with BYD and other Chinese automakers mark a significant milestone in the automotive industry’s journey towards autonomous driving and AI-enhanced capabilities. As these partnerships come to fruition, the global automotive landscape is set to witness a transformative phase, characterized by technological innovation and enhanced competitive dynamics. The strategic integration of Nvidia’s Drive Thor technology across various automakers’ fleets underscores the crucial role of AI and autonomous driving technologies in shaping the future of mobility.

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