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Nvidia introduces NIM, streamlining the deployment of AI models into innovative production.

ByYasmeeta Oon

Mar 21, 2024
Nvidia introduces NIM, streamlining the deployment of AI models into innovative production.

Nvidia introduces NIM, streamlining the deployment of AI models into innovative production.

In a groundbreaking announcement at its GTC conference, Nvidia unveiled Nvidia NIM, a cutting-edge software platform set to redefine the deployment and integration of AI models within production environments. This innovative tool is designed to facilitate the seamless transition of both custom and pre-trained AI models into operational use, thereby significantly accelerating the AI integration process for companies worldwide.

Nvidia NIM emerges as a game-changer by addressing one of the most daunting challenges in the AI field: the efficient deployment of AI models into production. Traditionally, developers faced a Herculean task, often requiring weeks or even months, to deploy AI models in a manner similar to what NIM achieves. This process was further complicated by the necessity of in-house AI expertise, a resource not readily available in many companies.

The essence of Nvidia NIM lies in its ability to optimize and streamline the inferencing process, a critical step in AI model deployment. By ingeniously combining AI models with an optimized inferencing engine and packaging this duo into a microservice-contained format, NIM simplifies access to advanced AI capabilities. This process not only saves invaluable time but also reduces the complexity associated with deploying AI models.

Creating an AI-ready Ecosystem

Nvidia’s vision extends beyond simplifying the deployment process. Through NIM, Nvidia aspires to establish a robust ecosystem of AI-ready containers, with its hardware serving as the foundation. This ecosystem is poised to become a pivotal software layer for enterprises eager to expedite their AI development roadmap, leveraging the curated microservices offered by NIM.

NIM boasts an impressive lineup of supported models, including those from Nvidia itself and other leading entities such as A121, Adept, Cohere, Getty Images, and Shutterstock. It also encompasses open models from tech giants like Google, Hugging Face, Meta, Microsoft, Mistral AI, and Stability AI. Furthermore, Nvidia has already initiated collaborations with major cloud service providers like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft to integrate NIM microservices into platforms such as SageMaker, Kubernetes Engine, and Azure AI.

Key Partners and Supported Models in NIM

PartnerSupported Models
A121A121 Models
AdeptAdept Models
CohereCohere Models
Getty ImagesGetty Models
ShutterstockShutterstock Models
GoogleOpen Models
Hugging FaceOpen Models
MetaOpen Models
MicrosoftOpen Models
Mistral AIOpen Models
Stability AIOpen Models

NIM is not just about integrating existing AI models; it’s about enriching the AI landscape with innovative features. The platform employs Nvidia’s Triton Inference Server, TensorRT, and TensorRT-LLM as its inference engine, ensuring unparalleled efficiency and performance. Among the remarkable Nvidia microservices available through NIM are:

  • Riva: Tailors speech and translation models to specific needs.
  • cuOpt: Enhances routing optimization.
  • Earth-2: Facilitates weather and climate simulations.

Looking ahead, Nvidia plans to expand NIM’s capabilities further. Notably, the Nvidia RAG LLM operator is set to join the NIM suite, promising to simplify the development of generative AI chatbots capable of leveraging custom data.

The NIM platform already boasts a distinguished roster of users, including industry giants such as Box, Cloudera, Cohesity, Datastax, Dropbox, and NetApp. This adoption underscores the platform’s vast potential and the significant interest it has garnered across various sectors.

Nvidia’s CEO, Jensen Huang, emphasized the transformative potential of NIM, stating, “Established enterprise platforms are sitting on a goldmine of data that can be transformed into generative AI copilots. Created with our partner ecosystem, these containerized AI microservices are the building blocks for enterprises in every industry to become AI companies.”

  • Nvidia NIM: A new software platform for easy deployment of AI models into production.
  • Simplifies AI Deployment: Combines models with an optimized inferencing engine into a microservice.
  • Support for Diverse Models: Includes models from NVIDIA, major tech companies, and leading image repositories.
  • Integration with Major Cloud Services: Available on SageMaker, Kubernetes Engine, and Azure AI.
  • Innovative Features: Utilizes Triton Inference Server, TensorRT, and plans to add more capabilities.
  • Broad Adoption: Used by major companies across different industries.

In conclusion, Nvidia’s launch of NIM at its GTC conference marks a significant milestone in the field of artificial intelligence. By simplifying the deployment of AI models and fostering an ecosystem of AI-ready containers, Nvidia

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