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Kyle Davies Expresses No Regret Over 3AC’s Demise, Aims to Evade Incarceration

ByDayne Lee

Mar 24, 2024
Kyle Davies Expresses No Regret Over 3AC's Demise, Aims to Evade Incarceration

In an illuminating discussion on the March 19 episode of the Unchained Podcast, Kyle Davies, co-founder of the now-defunct cryptocurrency hedge fund Three Arrows Capital (3AC), shared his perspective on the collapse of his company and its aftermath. Davies’s comments shed light on his current stance, revealing an absence of remorse and a determination to avoid any legal repercussions. This article explores Davies’s views, the repercussions of 3AC’s bankruptcy, and the founders’ future endeavors.

The Collapse of 3AC: A Reflection

Davies’s Stance on Bankruptcy Davies candidly expressed his lack of regret for the bankruptcy of 3AC, likening it to a common occurrence in the business world. His laughter when addressing the company’s demise underlines a controversial indifference to the significant financial loss faced by investors.

Future Insights and Efforts to Avoid Legal Issues Davies suggested that future entities similar to 3AC could learn from their bankruptcy experience, implying a potential guide on navigating such crises. Furthermore, he revealed his intention to steer clear of Singapore, fearing the legal consequences that might ensue due to his involvement with 3AC. Claiming to be in Europe and frequently traveling between Europe and Asia, Davies also mentioned residing in Portugal as per an interview with New York Magazine.

The Launch and Closure of OPNX

In April 2023, amidst the ongoing controversy surrounding 3AC, Davies and his co-founder Su Zhu announced the inception of OPNX. This venture, described as a hybrid between a bankruptcy claims platform and a cryptocurrency exchange, was initially met with Davies’s enthusiasm. However, the platform ceased operations shortly after, indicating a failure to revive their reputations or business fortunes.

Controversies and Legal Challenges

Allegations of Non-cooperation Davies contested claims made by Teneo, the liquidation firm handling 3AC’s bankruptcy, suggesting that accusations of non-cooperation were overstated. He argued that it was in the liquidator’s interest to portray him and Zhu as uncooperative to maximize fund recovery from the liquidation process.

Legal Actions and Asset Freezing In early 2023, both Davies and Zhu faced subpoenas via Twitter, highlighting their elusive behavior towards authorities and liquidators. A significant turning point came when a court in the British Virgin Islands ordered the freezing of $1.14 billion worth of their assets. Despite these actions, 3AC’s creditors remain owed approximately $3.3 billion, with Teneo actively seeking to recover $1.3 billion directly from the co-founders.

Regulatory Repercussions

Singapore’s central bank took a firm stance against Davies and Zhu by issuing nine-year prohibition orders. These orders were based on alleged violations of the country’s securities laws during their management of 3AC, further complicating their ability to operate within the financial industry.

Enhancing Readability: Tables and Bullet Points

To better understand the complex narrative of 3AC’s collapse and its aftermath, below is a summarized table of key events and bullet points highlighting critical aspects:

Dec 20213AC begins facing significant financial difficulties.
April 2023Launch of OPNX by Davies and Zhu.
Feb 1, 2024OPNX announces cessation of all operations.
Jan 5, 2023Davies and Zhu subpoenaed via Twitter for avoidance of legal responsibilities.
Dec 21, 2022A court freezes $1.14 billion of Davies and Zhu’s assets.
September 2023Singapore’s central bank issues prohibition orders against Davies and Zhu.
  • Kyle Davies expresses no remorse over the bankruptcy of 3AC, viewing it as a common business failure.
  • Despite controversies, Davies aims to avoid legal repercussions and has been moving between Europe and Asia.
  • The launch and rapid closure of OPNX highlighted challenges in regaining trust within the crypto community.
  • Teneo’s efforts to recover funds from 3AC’s collapse illustrate the extensive legal and financial complexities involved.
  • Singapore’s regulatory actions against Davies and Zhu underscore the serious implications of their business practices.

Kyle Davies’s responses and the subsequent fallout from 3AC’s collapse provide a stark reminder of the volatility and risks inherent in the cryptocurrency market. While Davies remains unapologetic and focused on future endeavors, the broader implications of his and Zhu’s actions continue to affect investors, regulatory bodies, and the industry at large. The unfolding narrative of 3AC’s bankruptcy, alongside the legal and financial battles, serves as a cautionary tale for the crypto community.

Featured image credit: Rafael Henrique via Adobe Stock

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