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Intelligent ring manufacturer Ultrahuman is setting its sights on surpassing Oura in the market.

ByYasmeeta Oon

Mar 25, 2024
Intelligent ring manufacturer Ultrahuman is setting its sights on surpassing Oura in the market.

Intelligent ring manufacturer Ultrahuman is setting its sights on surpassing Oura in the market.

In a bold move to dominate the smart ring industry, India’s burgeoning health-tech startup, Ultrahuman, has successfully closed a significant $35 million in Series B funding, setting the stage for a year of aggressive expansion. This round comprises a strategic mix of $25 million in equity and $10 million in debt financing. Ultrahuman, while less known than its main competitor, Oura, is on a fast track to disrupt the market with its innovative health-tracking wearable technology.

Mohit Kumar, the founder of Ultrahuman, shares his vision with TechCrunch, outlining the company’s path to overtake Oura as the market leader within the next 12 to 15 months. This ambition is backed by solid milestones, including hitting profitability, expanding manufacturing capabilities, and strategic partnerships that have propelled the brand to a strong second place in global sales.

The recent funding round is pivotal for Ultrahuman, enabling it to accelerate growth and capitalize on its current market position. A breakdown of the funding’s intended use highlights the company’s strategic approach to scaling:

  • Equity Funding ($25 million): Primarily directed towards expanding the product line, enhancing research and development, and entering new markets.
  • Debt Financing ($10 million): Allocated for increasing manufacturing capacity and inventory to meet growing demand.

Ultrahuman’s rise in the competitive landscape of smart wearable technology is no accident. The company has meticulously laid the groundwork for success through several strategic initiatives:

  • UltraFactory Expansion: The introduction of a new manufacturing facility capable of supporting $200 million in annual revenue signifies Ultrahuman’s readiness for large-scale production and market supply.
  • Retail Partnerships: Collaborations with high-profile retailers like Selfridges in London, Changi Airport in Singapore, and the Virgin megastore in Dubai have broadened market reach.
  • Subscription-Free Model: Unlike Oura, Ultrahuman offers its hardware without a subscription fee, appealing to a broader consumer base by simplifying access to its features.
  • Rapid Product Development and Geographic Expansion: A commitment to fast-paced innovation and entering over 100 markets globally has positioned Ultrahuman as a leader in new territories.

Since the launch of its first smart ring in July 2022, Ultrahuman has not only refined its wearable technology with the sleeker Ring Air but also expanded its health-tracking ecosystem with innovative products and services aimed at providing a comprehensive view of the user’s health.

  • Smart Rings (Ring and Ring Air): Ultrahuman’s flagship products, focusing on sleep, recovery, and activity tracking, with a strong appeal to a female audience due to design and female-centric features.
  • Home Health Tracker: A forthcoming product packed with sensors for monitoring indoor environments, aiming to identify external factors affecting sleep quality.
  • Blood Vision Service: Offers on-demand blood testing in select cities, integrating results into the Ultrahuman app for comprehensive health insights.
  • Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM): A wearable that tracks blood sugar levels, providing data-driven insights for managing glucose levels and reducing inflammation.
YearMilestoneFunding AmountRemarks
2022Launch of the first Ultrahuman smart ring (Ring)N/AIntroduction of wearable technology to the market
2023Introduction of Ring Air and expansion into new markets$35 million Series BAccelerated growth and product innovation
2024Expected to surpass $100 million in ARRDemonstrates rapid growth and market acceptance

Ultrahuman’s strategic moves are not just about dominating the smart ring market but also about pioneering a comprehensive health tracking ecosystem. The company’s multi-device approach contrasts with competitors focusing on single product categories. This diversification allows Ultrahuman to offer users a more integrated view of their health, leveraging data from various sources for enriched insights.

  • First-Mover Advantage: Ultrahuman aims to establish market leadership in new geographies by being the first to offer advanced health tracking wearable technology.
  • Enhanced User Engagement: By offering more data-driven insights and integrating various health metrics, Ultrahuman seeks to provide superior user engagement and retention.
  • Commitment to R&D and IP Development: Long-term investment in research and development ensures the efficacy and reliability of Ultrahuman’s products.
  • Building a Unified Health Ecosystem: Beyond wearables, Ultrahuman’s vision encompasses a holistic health

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