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Japanese lens manufacturer Hoya pauses operations due to a cyberattack.

ByYasmeeta Oon

Apr 19, 2024

Japanese lens manufacturer Hoya pauses operations due to a cyberattack.

In a startling development, Hoya Corp, the world’s second-largest eyeglass lens manufacturer, announced on Thursday that a system failure has halted the production of several of its products. This interruption, described as “most likely caused by unauthorized access” to its servers, has raised concerns over cybersecurity and the protection of sensitive data within the industry.

System Disruption and Immediate Response

The company first noticed an anomaly in its system at one of its overseas offices last Saturday. Despite efforts to contain the situation by isolating the affected servers, the disruption persisted. Hoya Corp is actively investigating to determine if any confidential or personal data was compromised during the incident. In collaboration with authorities, the firm is working diligently to resume production at the earliest.

Hoya’s consumer eyeglass lens division, Hoya Vision Care Co, conveyed its apologies on Tuesday, stating it had ceased accepting orders for lenses due to the group-wide system failure. The disruption’s impact extends beyond the eyeglass lens unit, raising questions about the potential effects on other Hoya products, such as components for chipmaking equipment and hard disk drives, though the company has not disclosed specifics.

Key Points at a Glance:

  • System Failure: Initiated by suspected unauthorized server access.
  • Discovered Anomaly: Identified on Saturday at an overseas office.
  • Investigation Underway: To ascertain data compromise.
  • Production Halt: Affects several products across the company.
  • Public Response: Apologies issued for order disruptions.

Hoya Corp at a Glance:

Industry PositionSecond-largest eyeglass lens maker
Global Sales Share90% of eyewear lens sales from outside Japan
Product RangeEyeglass lenses, chipmaking components, hard disk drives
Recent IssueSuspected cyber attack leading to system failure

Hoya, with the vast majority of its eyewear lens sales generated from international markets, as per its latest annual report, faces a significant challenge in managing this crisis. The company’s swift response and cooperation with legal authorities highlight the seriousness with which it is addressing the potential breach and its ramifications.

As the investigation progresses, the tech and eyewear sectors are keenly watching how Hoya navigates the recovery process, aiming for minimal disruption to its operations and clientele. The incident underscores the ever-present threat of cyber attacks on global corporations, prompting a reassessment of digital security measures across industries.

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