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Advancing Digital Conversations Enhances Video Content Offering with $138 Million Cash Incentive Program

ByYasmeeta Oon

Apr 30, 2024 Enhances Video Content Offering with $138 Million Cash Incentive Program Enhances Video Content Offering with $138 Million Cash Incentive Program

In a strategic bid to assert its dominance in the burgeoning live-stream shopping market,, a behemoth in China’s e-commerce domain, has unveiled an audacious cash incentive program valued at US$138 million (1 billion yuan). This bold initiative seeks to magnetize a wealth of content creators to its platform, leveraging the escalating trend of video-based shopping that is captivating China’s digital marketplace. As the fabric of online shopping undergoes a transformative shift towards live-streaming and short video content, aims to establish itself as the preferred platform for both creators and shoppers alike, setting the stage for a revolutionary shopping experience.’s innovative incentive scheme is meticulously designed to entice influencers from a myriad of categories including electronics, home goods, fashion, skincare, and automotive accessories. Influencers engaging with the platform stand to earn up to 30,000 yuan weekly, a move set to enhance their motivation to craft engaging and high-quality content. Moreover, the initiative guarantees enhanced visibility for their videos and live streams, thus offering content creators a lucrative proposition to showcase their talents on’s expansive platform.

  • Diverse Categories for Creators: Electronics, home goods, fashion, skincare, automotive accessories.
  • Weekly Earnings Potential: Up to 30,000 yuan.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Promised for videos and live streams.

In addition to supporting individual creators, extends its largesse towards multichannel networks (MCNs) and agencies that play a pivotal role in expanding and monetizing the online presence of influencers. A dedicated fund of 5 million yuan is earmarked to provide monthly cash bonuses to these MCNs, contingent on their prowess in recruiting new talent for This strategic allocation is a response to the meteoric rise of video shopping in China, evidenced by the fact that over 71% of internet users were swayed into making purchases after engaging with video content in 2023, marking a significant surge from 42.7% in the preceding year.

Growth of Video Shopping in China
YearPercentage of Internet Users Making Purchases After Viewing Video Content

Despite the introduction of its live shopping service in the wake of Alibaba’s Taobao, has encountered challenges in fostering a cadre of star influencers at par with its competitors. In acknowledgment of the pivotal role that standout content creators play in propelling sales, has embarked on a mission to cultivate premier talent within its ecosystem. The company is dedicated to identifying and nurturing potential star creators, with an ambitious plan to spotlight the 100 most successful influencers by the year’s end. These flagship influencers are anticipated to significantly boost platform sales and augment’s allure to a wider audience.

  • Identifying and Incubating Talent: Focus on nurturing top-tier talent.
  • Flagship Influencers: Plan to unveil the 100 most successful creators by year-end.

As the live-stream shopping phenomenon continues to redefine the e-commerce landscape in China,’s audacious initiative underscores its determination to secure a vanguard position in this dynamic sector. By cultivating a vibrant community of content creators and offering substantial financial incentives, is strategically positioned to capitalize on the escalating trend of video content consumption among Chinese shoppers. This initiative not only exemplifies’s innovative approach to e-commerce but also signals a new era in online shopping, where engaging video content and live interactions are at the heart of the consumer experience.

The inception of’s cash incentive program marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of live-stream shopping. As the platform embarks on this ambitious journey, several key developments are anticipated:

  • Enhanced Platform Dynamics: The influx of new and diverse content creators is expected to enrich the platform’s content landscape, offering consumers a wider array of engaging shopping experiences.
  • Revolution in Consumer Behavior: The emphasis on video content and live-stream interactions is poised to further revolutionize consumer shopping habits, making the online shopping experience more interactive and engaging.
  • Strategic Partnerships: The support extended to MCNs and agencies signals a new era of strategic partnerships, where collaboration and synergy between platform and content creators are paramount for mutual growth.
  • Global Implications: While this initiative is focused on the Chinese market, its success could set a precedent for similar strategies in global markets, heralding a new wave of innovation in e-commerce worldwide.

In conclusion,’s $138 million cash incentive program represents a transformative leap forward in the live-stream shopping domain. By harnessing the power of video content and live interactions, is not only poised to redefine the shopping experience for millions of consumers but also to solidify its position as a leader in the global e-commerce landscape. As the platform continues to evolve, it will undoubtedly continue to shape the future of online shopping, setting new benchmarks for innovation, engagement, and consumer satisfaction.

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