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VARA Introduces Thai-Inspired Corporate Catering Menu in Seattle, Washington

ByYasmeeta Oon

May 7, 2024

“SharingThailand’s Rich Culinary Heritage Through Inspired Catering Services” 

Vara, a collective of Thai culinary creators, unveils its new corporate catering menu. This menu embarks on a culinary exploration through Thailand’s four regions, showcasing the nation’s vibrant flavors to a global audience. The Company aims to broaden public appreciation for the depth and range of Thai cuisine.

“Our mission is to introduce the rich tapestry of Thai heritage to the community,” says Vara Hanjitkasem, leader of Vara. “The catering services aim to foster a deeper appreciation for cultural diversity through the universal language of food.”

Vara boasts a team of talented chefs and caterers, and the team is continuously growing. The Company is committed to supporting local food communities, emphasizing inclusivity and diversity in its practices. Vara has already earned the trust of leading tech companies, delivering authentic Thai flavors directly to their offices with menus carefully crafted to meet the needs of corporate clients. The Company also offers private cultural food events designed to create an immersive experience of Thai food culture.

Beyond catering, Vara fosters a sense of community, ignites excitement for Thai culture, and supports worthy causes through special culinary events. Vara Hanjitkasem, a seasoned third-generation restaurateur and culinary entrepreneur, leads Vara. Vara’s family business, MK Restaurant Group Public Company, is a prominent restaurant group in Thailand. Growing up surrounded by Thailand’s diverse cuisines, Vara is passionate about bringing her family’s culinary expertise to the United States.

About Vara:

Vara is a culinary collective established by Thai culinary specialists to introduce the world to Thailand’s rich culture through culinary journeys. Vara captures the vivid flavors of Thailand’s four regions and is committed to conserving and spreading this cultural legacy, making it a truly unique experience for everyone. Vara, led by entrepreneur Vara Hanjitkasem and celebrated chef Bunphot Phujeewon, is poised to make a significant impact on Seattle’s culinary scene. Connect with the Company on Instagram to follow their journey and learn more about their services and activities.

Contact Info:
Name: Vara Hanjitkasem
Email: Send Email
Organization: VARA
Address: 596 Industry Drive, suite230, Seattle, WA 98188
Phone: 360-747-7738

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