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Canva Launches New Enterprise Product for Large Organizations

ByHuey Yee Ong

May 26, 2024
Canva Launches New Enterprise Product for Large Organizations

Canva Launches New Enterprise Product for Large Organizations

Canva has officially launched a new enterprise version of its design platform, specifically tailored to meet the complex requirements of large organizations. This announcement marks a significant evolution from their 2019 attempt, which targeted smaller teams rather than comprehensive enterprise needs.

The upgraded product integrates essential features such as single sign-on, enhanced security measures, and sophisticated user group management tools, catering directly to IT department expectations.

Additionally, the new Canva Enterprise includes centralized brand management and dedicated support, addressing the broader scope of organizational needs.

Transition from Teams to Enterprise

Cam Adams, co-founder and CPO at Canva, noted the transition from serving individual users to supporting small teams and now, large enterprises with up to 5,000 users. This shift was driven by the recognition of Canva’s increasing adoption by sizable companies and the need for a more robust platform to support their specific requirements.

The latest enterprise product aims to resolve three particular challenges identified by Canva in its expansion into larger entities.

Firstly, the design process now permeates various departments and industries, necessitating a more flexible and inclusive tool. Secondly, the rise of AI tools has led to concerns over “AI tool creep,” where the proliferation of disparate AI technologies can lead to management challenges. Lastly, the need for a comprehensive workflow management tool has become apparent, as design tasks increasingly involve multiple departments and utilize AI, requiring seamless integration and coordination across different sectors.

With the focus shifting from individual empowerment to enabling organizational efficiency, Canva aims to consolidate fragmented processes into a single, unified platform. This strategic pivot is underscored by the adjustment in their pricing model; the original product is now designated for teams, priced at $100 per seat per year, while the enterprise version starts at $300 per seat per year, with volume-based discounts available.

Founded in 2012, the Australian company has rapidly expanded, boasting over 180 million monthly users globally and a recent valuation of $26 billion.

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