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BBVA Advocates Bitcoin and Ether as Significant Enhancers for Portfolio Performance

ByDayne Lee

Jun 20, 2024

BBVA Advocates Bitcoin and Ether as Significant Enhancers for Portfolio Performance

The inclusion of Bitcoin and Ether, the leading cryptocurrencies by market cap, can dramatically enhance the performance of traditional investment portfolios. This assertion comes from Philippe Meyer, head of digital and blockchain solutions at BBVA, who recently discussed the impactful benefits of cryptocurrency investments during the Web3 Corporate Innovation Day.

Optimizing Portfolio Returns with Cryptocurrencies

Meyer emphasized that a small allocation of digital assets, specifically between 3% to 5% of total assets under management in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ether, can result in substantial improvements in portfolio performance. He explained:

“Integrating a fraction, say 3% to 5%, of your total assets under management into cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether, is not just an addition—it’s a significant enhancer of the overall return on investment.”

Over the past year, Bitcoin has seen an impressive rally:

  • Price Increase: Bitcoin’s value has surged by approximately 146%, with current trading levels above $65,383.
  • Comparison with S&P 500: In 2024 alone, Bitcoin has risen over 47% year-to-date, substantially outpacing the S&P 500’s increase of 15%.

While Bitcoin’s long-term performance has been stellar, its short-term dynamics reveal some fluctuations:

  • Yearly Performance: On a yearly scale, Bitcoin’s growth is 147%, compared to the S&P 500’s 24%.
  • Monthly Performance: More recently, Bitcoin has experienced a slight decline of 2.3% on the monthly chart, whereas the S&P 500 saw a rise of 2.8%.

Insights on ETF Dynamics

The recent dynamics around U.S. spot Bitcoin ETFs further illustrate the volatile nature of cryptocurrency investments:

  • Inflow and Outflow Patterns: After enjoying 20 consecutive days of net positive inflows, Bitcoin ETFs faced three days of negative outflows last week, with over $145 million worth of outflows recorded on June 17.
  • Investor Behavior: According to Jag Kooner, head of derivatives at Bitfinex, ETF investors tend to amplify market movements, showing patterns of heavy inflows during market highs and swift outflows during lows.
Portfolio AllocationImpact on ReturnComparison to Traditional Assets
3-5% in Bitcoin and EtherSignificant improvementOutperforms major indices like S&P 500
Traditional assets onlyStandard market returnsGenerally lower performance in the current year

The substantial potential for enhanced portfolio performance through modest allocations to Bitcoin and Ether is increasingly recognized in the investment community. As digital assets become more mainstream, their role in diversifying investment strategies and boosting returns is becoming more pronounced. Investors and financial strategists like those at BBVA are advocating for their inclusion to not only capitalize on their growth potential but also to hedge against traditional market volatilities.

Featured image credit: Kanchanara via Unsplash

Dayne Lee

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