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Twitch Honors Top Streamers with New ‘Bleed Purple Statue’

ByHuey Yee Ong

Jul 2, 2024

Twitch Honors Top Streamers with New ‘Bleed Purple Statue’

Twitch has unveiled the “Bleed Purple Statue,” a new form of physical recognition for its streamers, announced during Twitchcon Europe 2024 in Rotterdam. These awards, part of the Twitch Streamer Achievement Awards, will be given to creators who achieve significant viewership milestones, contrasting with YouTube’s subscriber-based awards.

Twitch streamers will be recognized with different versions of the Bleed Purple Statue for hitting 5 million, 50 million, and 250 million hours watched, respectively. The announcement, which included the presentation of the first statue to streamer LittleBigWhale, marks a significant development in how Twitch celebrates its community’s successes.

Comparing Twitch with YouTube

While YouTube awards creators with Silver, Gold, and Diamond plaques for subscriber milestones, Twitch’s new program rewards streamers based on the total hours their content is watched. This shift emphasizes viewership engagement over subscriber numbers, highlighting Twitch’s focus on sustained viewer interaction.

Twitch’s new award system features three tiers:

  1. Standard Bleed Purple Statue for 5 million hours watched.
  2. Marble Bleed Purple Statue for 50 million hours watched.
  3. Chrome Bleed Purple Statue for 250 million hours watched.

Each tier offers a physical token of achievement, aiming to motivate and recognize streamers’ efforts in building engaging communities. Eligible creators will receive invitations to claim their awards later this summer, providing a tangible symbol of their hard work and popularity.

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