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Falcon Investment Management Unlocks Ultra-Exclusive Hedge Fund Strategy for Family Offices

ByEthan Lin

Jul 2, 2024

Falcon Investment Management Ltd (“Falcon”), a prominent multi-manager hedge fund platform based in London, is pleased to announce the launch of a new fund that provides select investors access to its exclusive investment platform for a limited period.

Marking its 10th anniversary, Falcon has established itself as a leading destination for emerging managers who seek independence and flexibility. The firm offers institutional-grade solutions, ranging from operations and risk management to seed and accelerator capital, supporting aspiring managers in their growth and success. 

“We provide credit facilities to highly skilled investment teams. We partner with them by offering working capital while assuming a first-loss position, ensuring alignment with our investors and a commitment to long-term success,” stated Benny Menashe, Founder and Managing Partner of Falcon.

The newly launched Cayman-domiciled fund grants access to a hedge fund strategy that was previously reserved for large institutions. Given the high demand and limited capacity, this opportunity will be available for a limited time to a select group of investors, who will join as strategic partners with Falcon. 

“We combine a private debt investment approach with a hedge fund style strategy. Our sophisticated risk management and operational frameworks allow us to achieve high yields for our investors while maintaining low volatility and no correlation to other markets,” added Menashe.

This open-ended fund is designed to provide income opportunities with monthly distributions and quarterly liquidity, offering a unique structure in its class.

Falcon was a pioneer in introducing the first-loss capital concept to European managers in 2021, becoming one of the first UK-based alternative investment firms to do so. Today, Falcon has established partnership arrangements with investment teams worldwide, including in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, UAE, UK, and beyond.

Ethan Lin

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