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The Inspiration and Development Process Behind Ulike’s New Release

ByEthan Lin

Jul 4, 2024

Ulike has today announced the launch of the Air 10 IPL Hair Removal Device. The Air 10 is a leap forward for at-home beauty care, allowing users to achieve a salon-grade hair removal experience. Utilizing advanced IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology, the Air 10 targets hair at the root to leave skin smoother and hair-free, all without the inconvenience and expense of professional treatments. 

Ulike is proud to offer an exclusive introductory discount to celebrate the product’s launch. Customers can take advantage of a discount for a limited time (04/10 – 04/23) when they purchase the Air 10 for just £249. Now, the most advanced technology in the industry is more accessible than ever. Customers can use this exclusive offer on Ulike’s official website or Amazon.

“Our primary goal at Ulike is to provide simple, safe, and comfortable permanent hair removal solutions that can be easily accessed by everyone in the comfort of their homes,” says Mr. Win, CEO at Ulike. “With Ulike, users have the option of creating their own safe and private personal beauty sanctuary to get rid of unwanted hairs discretely,” says Dr. Sanober Pezad Doctor, Board-Certified Dermatologist at Ulike.

A Decade of Groundbreaking Innovation

Ulike began with a vision: to demystify and democratize professional-grade hair removal, making it accessible to discerning individuals seeking salon-quality results without the salon. The journey began with an unwavering commitment to research and development, spearheaded by a dedicated team of in-house engineers and leading dermatology research groups.

Air 10: A Beacon of Technological Brilliance

As a beacon of technological brilliance in the IPL industry, the Air 10 device stands out immensely because of its novel features covering efficiency, safety, and convenience. The crown jewel of the Air 10’s innovative technologies is its dual pulse lamps, the industry’s first doubling the light source; the cumulative effect is an 18% expansion of the treatment area and a “remarkable” boost in overall energy output. The dual lamp system, a breakthrough, was engineered for unparalleled precision in targeting fine and coarse hairs, delivering uniform coverage that leaves no follicle behind.

This user experience is further enhanced by SHR (Super Hair Removal) Mode. Traditionally the reserve of professional salons, this technology uses 3-pulse heat accumulation to break the hair-tearingly slow cycle and remove even stubborn hair with a delicate touch, making it perfect for sensitive skin.

Every one of Ulike’s creations places a premium on safety, and the Air 10 is no different. Featuring a revolutionary skin-safe detection system, the device only activates following on-board skin compatibility confirmation. Complimented by the Sapphire Ice Cooling system, this ensures a cool, comfortable, burn-free experience that keeps skin cool and comfortable throughout the treatment.

Design and Usability: The User at the Forefront

Built with the wisdom of user experience, Ulike designed the Air 10 Toolkit with user-centric design features in every detail. The handles and heads of the devices are detachable, allowing users to remove hair from different parts of their bodies in a more sanitary and unencumbered way. Ergonomically designed, optimally ventilated, and featuring smart placement of controls, users will enjoy an easy and comfortable hair removal experience.

Available from 04/10, the Air 10 can be purchased at £249. For more information and to experience a new era of home hair removal, visit

About Ulike:

With over a decade’s worth of expertise in IPL, Ulike has perfected the art of merging professional clinical-level hair removal innovation with unbeaten skin protection that has upturned hair removal routines from the comfort of home. The brand comes from the promising world of hair removal together with the future’s technology. It has thus continued to provide the most reliable, safest, and most practical technology for clean, hair-free skin, like the Air 10 for delightfully smooth skin today, with 100% peace of mind.

Today, as we begin this new era of at-home hair removal, Ulike wishes you welcome, as well as to this fusion of science, innovation, and beauty. Be sure to discover more about the Air 10 and start a forward-thinking journey to beauty transformation that offers results and a change in lifestyle towards practicality and confidence by heading over to

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