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Acclaimed Authors and Thought Leaders Unite for Volume 2 Book Launch of the INside Effects: How the Body Heals Itself

ByEthan Lin

Jul 9, 2024

Beyond Belief Publishing proudly announces the launch of The INside Effects: How the Body Heals Itself (Volume 2). This eagerly awaited release builds upon the success of the documentary film and the first volume, offering profound insights and practical tools for holistic healing. Featuring contributions from 18 medical professionals and health advocates, the book delves into innovative healing methods and the body’s innate capacity for self-healing.

Featuring leading holistic health practitioners:

  • Marcus Bird: Founder of Dimensional Healing, blending ancient and modern techniques for profound transformation.
  • Kelly Brogan: Holistic psychiatrist advocating non-pharmaceutical mental health approaches.
  • Kim D’Eramo: Physician and intuitive healer focusing on mind-body medicine.
  • Bradley Nelson: Creator of The Emotion Code and The Body Code, focusing on energy healing.
  • Amandha Vollmer: Expert in natural healing with a background in naturopathic medicine.
  • Alec Zeck: Health freedom advocate and founder of The Way Forward.
  • Lisa Warner: Holistic health educator specializing in self-healing.

Join Keith Leon and the authors for a virtual book launch party on July 25th at 4:00 pm Pacific / 7:00 pm Eastern. This free event, accessible via Zoom, promises to inspire and educate participants. Register now at to be part of this transformative experience.

The INside Effects: How the Body Heals Itself (Volume 2) is more than a collection of stories; it is a comprehensive guide to unlocking the body’s potential for healing. Featuring contributions from a diverse array of authors, this book is poised to empower readers on their journey to holistic wellness. It features contributing authors Aisha Ahmed, Renita Brannan, Stephanie Dobranski, Susan Green, Michele Griffith, Holly Hallowell, Sophia Harvey, Bethany Miller, Kerstin Opitz, John Stringer, and Ishita Todi.

Participants are invited to join the celebration launch of The INside Effects: How the Body Heals Itself (Volume 2) and will discover the path to holistic healing and self-empowerment. For more information about the book, visit To learn more about Keith Leon S., visit

About the Publisher:
Keith Leon S., known as “The Book Guy,” is the visionary behind the INside Effects project. Featured on major networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, and The Jenny McCarthy Show, his work has also been highlighted by Inc. Magazine, LA Weekly, The Huffington Post, and Succeed Magazine. Keith is a 9-time award-winning and 11-time international bestselling author and 7-time award-winning filmmaker. His passion for personal growth shines through his acclaimed works such as The Seven Steps to Successful Relationships, Who Do You Think You Are? and Walking With My Angels: A True Story. His publishing company, Beyond Belief Publishing, has published over 100 books, including the popular Navigating the Clickety Clack series. Keith’s mission is to teach people how to turn their ideas into bestsellers and create what he calls “The World’s Greatest Business Card.” Find out more at

About Beyond Belief Publishing:
Beyond Belief Publishing, founded by Keith Leon S. and Maura Leon in 2004 as Babypie Publishing, has evolved into a renowned entity in the literary world. The company excels with a robust catalog boasting over 100 titles by visionary authors like Ronny K. Prasad, Melanie Eatherton, and Maribel Jimenez. Beyond Belief Publishing publishes impactful books and offers comprehensive writing and publishing programs, empowering independent authors and visionary leaders to effectively share their messages with the world.

About the Movie:
Directed by visionary filmmaker Keith Leon S., The INside Effects: How the Body Heals Itself film emerges as a transformative masterpiece. It converges the wisdom of esteemed doctors, pioneering scientists, relentless researchers, and passionate health advocates, offering an invaluable array of practical tools to unleash the healing potential residing within each individual. The film is informative and genuinely transformative, providing valuable and powerful tools for tapping into their body’s healing ability. With an unwavering commitment to promoting well-being, the film is set to captivate audiences worldwide, as it will be available free of charge for a limited time upon its release.

Ethan Lin

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