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British Boarding School Implements Nokia Phone Policy for New Students

ByHuey Yee Ong

Jul 11, 2024

British Boarding School Implements Nokia Phone Policy for New Students

Starting in September, first-year students at Eton College will be restricted to using basic Nokia phones for calls and texts only. This policy marks a change from the typical smartphone usage allowed in many educational institutions.

Eton College, known for its notable alumni such as Prince William, Prince Harry, Ian Fleming, and Tom Hiddleston, has announced that new students will need to leave their smartphones at home. Instead, they will bring their SIM cards to use in old-school Nokia phones that can only make phone calls and send text messages, according to CBS News.

This policy is in line with UK government guidelines that allow school principals to enforce smartphone bans during school hours.

Smartphone bans are becoming more common in schools across the United States as well. Data from Govspend indicates that 41 states have at least one school district requiring students to place their smartphones in magnetically sealed Yondr pouches during school hours.

The Los Angeles Unified School District recently implemented a district-wide phone ban, prompting California Governor Gavin Newsom to advocate for a similar state-wide law. In New York City, Chancellor David Banks plans to introduce a phone ban, while Governor Kathy Hochul is collaborating with the state legislature on bills to limit student phone usage to devices without internet access.

Even Florida has enacted a state-wide smartphone ban in schools, requiring schools to block students from accessing social media on their WiFi networks.

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