Upheaval In Learning Programs Goes Tedious In The Long Run

ByMike Paul

Mar 28, 2021

In this internet era, online learning is not a new routine amid students. Over years, so many distance learning programs are conducted all over the world virtual classes, live stream demos have become mundane in current days. But all those are not compulsory options for the students. It is their preference to pick direct classes or online. But after the emergence of the new virus, mandatory lockdown leads student’s life to misery. 

In the beginning, it was thought the virus would last for a couple of weeks but the major annex in the COVID virus insisted the government to regulate the long term shutdown of schools, colleges and other learning institutions. Even software-based companies had shut down their floors by allowing employees to work from home. Now it is being a year, students are continuing their classes virtually. The interaction among the students and mentor goes dull these days as they could not focus mentally. Lots of disruption happening, poor internet connection, noise disturbance, detachment in long-running hours. 

Sitting in front of the chrome book in their living room or bedroom goes dull that they cannot connect with their friends, classmates and teachers. Students are missing their campus atmosphere which would be interesting to learn practically with one-on-one discussions. Now, the situation is reciprocal, as they need to learn under one roof where their siblings are learning and parents working beside on other laptops with the earbuds plugged-in. Students come from weak backgrounds face so many challenges in participating in online classes at a scheduled time. Since they need to share the screen space with their siblings too; who are from different grades. 

Social isolation is one of the greatest challenges, which makes them dull in participation. Their interest in virtual classes is diminishing every day by the absence of physical presence. Students are pushing themselves hard in complicated subjects like maths, finance by boosting their spirit with music. Being idle under the couch leaves them in distress and reduces their concentration over studies. Nowadays students started to play video games, chat with their friends, and watch movies during livestream classes. 

Teachers are also facing lots of work pressure from their side to bring sessions among students. Physical classes help students to grab the knowledge quickly. But online classes are hard for the tutor to teach them with a clear view of ideas and examples. Everybody feels exhausted by the distance learning programs which are continuing for a year. Recently in some areas the government has loosened their regulations. The institutions are starting to reopen at some parts following security measures. Students are willing to get back to their old school days. But the severity of COVID continues amid worldwide leaving people’s lives sober. 

To motivate students towards virtual sessions, some extracurricular activities, online competitions, and one-on-one interactive speech can be conducted. This will be a better idea to engage them actively for efficacy in learning for a short-term period. If students put themselves in a positive atmosphere they can be interactive over the virtual learning classes. Parents have to concentrate on overcoming the weakness of their children to excel in their career.   

Mike Paul

Mike was one of the founding members of DMR, he was a pivotal figure in the early stages of DMR. Mike has since left the team to pursue his career in software development.

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