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Czech Zoo Planned To Charm The Chimpanzees Betwixt This COVID Lockdown

ByMike Paul

Mar 25, 2021

Czech Zoo Planned To Charm The Chimpanzees Betwixt This COVID Lockdown

The outcome of the COVID virus has changed everyone’s lifestyle, people have no choice but just to reconcile their new habitual activities. In every country, the government has regulated the new lockdown policy for all the entertainment ailments, schools, colleges and vacation spots. People had no choice rather than being at home which leads to dullness in their lifestyle. The new virus not only brings misery to people but also to the animals in the zoo which become apathy by the loneliness. 

In this fast-paced world, sitting idle under the wall leads people to torment. The same way animals too suffer, as they are already being caged. To break this distress among animal’s Dvur Kralove zoo in the Czech Republic in Europe prefaced screen time for the animals. As an initial measure, they experimented with the chimpanzees to see whether they are elated by this or not.

Dvur is a safari park that has six chimpanzees, amid complete lockdown visitors are completely restricted inside the zoo. To cheer up the animals and to eradicate the dullness, a big LCD screen has been installed in the chimpanzee’s arena. In this experimental project, the live stream of chimpanzees from the zoo in Southern city of Brno is shown. Watching their co-mates will make them feel elated and interesting. 

The authority in the zoo says it is complicated to entertain the animals for a long period however if this project gets success they are planning to project screen time for other animals too. One of the youngest female chimpanzee from the group is more excited about seeing their mates in a live stream. 

The zoo plans to continue this project, so they can scrutinize the chimpanzees easily. This virus lockdown has made a drastic change in everyone’s life leaving animals in great distress. From watching crowded visitors to no one will be boredom for them. Head authorities in the safari park plan to abide this project till March end. They are quite unaware whether this would entertain them for a long term. But currently, the chimpanzees show interest in watching the live stream videos of their mates.

If this project gets success, they clinch to install more LCD screens for their entertainment in day-to-day life. Even though this seems to be a funny experiment, understanding the animal’s distress and investing in big screens gains public attention over this Northern Dvur Kralove zoo. People from different parts of the country welcome this idea and give cheers to the zoo management. The zoo in the Southern part of the country Brno also plans to ensue this plan for their chimpanzees if it gets success over them. Since everybody is trying out the new way of life why not for the animals. This live streaming will elate them, to make them feel like living with a crowd. People are not sure whether they would continue even after the lockdown, if they are interested in seeing their herds rather than visitors they are planning to permanently fix the screens.   

Mike Paul

Mike was one of the founding members of DMR, he was a pivotal figure in the early stages of DMR. Mike has since left the team to pursue his career in software development.

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