The Success Story Of Take 2: Spacewalking Astronauts Install New Solar Panel

ByMike Paul

Jul 8, 2021

The second part of the first, of its kind solar panel installation mission carried by Shane Kimbrough, the NASA astronaut, and Thomas Pesquet, the French astronaut, was successful. Finally, the unfurling of the powerful solar panels of the International Space Station completes with a height of 63 feet after the two spacewalks.

The unfurling of the solar wing on releasing the final bolts was like an unfolding red carpet, which was a beautiful sight to behold as called out by the spacewalker Pesquet.

The mission was a challenge in itself. It required defeating suit problems and other bumps with persistence and strength. The live streaming of the unfurling by the station kept everyone on their toes and, after 10 minutes of slow and steady extension relying singularly on pent-up power, the unfurling was complete.

The success of the six-and-a-half-hour mission was the best gift for all the fathers working on the Sunday of fathers day. All the controller dads were wished “Happy Father’s Day” from the space by Kimbrough, who himself is the father of three children, the perfect conclusion of the already perfect day.

The Mission In a Glimpse:

Picking up the mission on Sunday from the ending point after Wednesday when several problems prevented the completion of the high-technology solar panel. After continuous tugging and pushing, the complete unfolding of the panels by the spacewalkers was absolute. Each of the halves was aligned from start to finish in the paper towel shape. The two astronauts waited till they were on the side of the earth having night so that the old panels stopped absorbing sunlight for power generation. The final energy connection was dependent on the two requirements or, else it could cause a shock. While waiting for it to get dark, the previous outfit problem arose again when the light and camera on Kimbrough’s helmet loosened. The teamwork by Pesquet prevented the problem by using wire ties and, the ultimate task of unfurling was complete without facing another glitch.

The new solar panel with five in line will help provide an electrical boost to the space station. The energy boost is needed to comply with the demand for space tourists and experiment growth.

Originally two spacewalks were allotted by NASA, one respectively for each of the panels. But now, a thirds spacewalk is introduced concerning all the problems faced. Kimbrough and Pesquet will soon return to space on Friday to finish the work on the panel by SpaceX.

The expansion of the older wings of the space station after twenty years of degradation will help increase its age. In addition, two more pairs by Space X will help generate more power which will help the running of the station for a decade. This power boost is also necessary with the growing interest of private guests paying dollars to come aboard. The Russian film crew will be launched to the outpost from Kazakhstan this fall, followed by businessmen. SpaceX is rendering rides from Cape Canaveral. Space is hard but, it is also enticing.

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