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Essential AI steps out of stealth mode with support from Google, Nvidia, and AMD.

ByYasmeeta Oon

Dec 14, 2023

Essential AI steps out of stealth mode with support from Google, Nvidia, and AMD.

San Francisco-based startup Essential AI, aiming to revolutionize how people interact with AI, has emerged from stealth mode today, announcing a successful Series A funding round that secured $56.5 million in investments. March Capital led the funding, joined by tech giants Google, Nvidia, and AMD. Franklin Venture Partners, KB Investment, and Thrive Capital, who led the company’s seed round, also participated in this round.

Despite its recent establishment, Essential AI boasts experienced founders, Ashish Vaswani and Niki Parmar, who previously collaborated at Google. They co-authored a groundbreaking research paper in 2017, introducing the Transformer architecture, which set new standards for language understanding and laid the foundation for technologies like ChatGPT and many other AI advancements seen today.

Vaswani and Parmar now intend to leverage their expertise to develop AI products that will strengthen the relationship between humans and computers, unlocking collaborative capabilities surpassing what individuals can achieve on their own. This could result in compelling AI solutions for enterprises seeking to enhance productivity, eliminating the need for building specialized AI tools for specific tasks.

What to anticipate from Essential AI:

Essential AI has amassed close to $65 million in funding from various venture capital firms and technology leaders, but the company has not yet disclosed its specific projects. However, based on its website and recent press releases, the company aims to create and launch comprehensive AI products driven by large language models (LLMs). These products will automate time-consuming workflows and rapidly adapt to boost productivity.

“Through human feedback and technical advancements, our LLMs will empower users to tackle increasingly complex tasks and unlock vital skills, amplifying organizations’ impact on society,” states the company’s website.

Initial indications suggest that the company may initially focus on AI products tailored for running complex analyses. These products could make data analysts ten times more efficient and enable business users to make data-driven decisions independently. Additionally, they could expedite financial analysts’ work, streamlining data analysis for multiple companies.

In an era where nearly every company is striving to optimize operations with AI, adopting dedicated AI solutions from a vendor backed by Google and Nvidia could be a compelling strategy for enterprises looking to stay competitive. However, it is worth noting that the AI landscape is crowded, with numerous players targeting various enterprise-centric workflows with AI-driven offerings.

Recently, DataGPT entered the market to assist companies in extracting insights from their data. To distinguish itself in this competitive environment, Essential AI will need to deliver more than just innovative products.

Jamie Montgomery, co-founder and managing partner of March Capital, expressed confidence in Essential AI’s innovation at the intersection of AI adoption in the enterprise and the rise of enterprise-grade LLMs. He stated that the startup would benefit from March’s industry expertise and global network as it continues to grow.

Looking ahead:

With this latest funding injection, Essential AI is gearing up for the launch of its first enterprise-focused LLM products. The company is actively recruiting across various roles to drive innovation across the entire spectrum, from user experience (UX) to creating models that deliver the best value for end-users.

“Niki and I are excited to assemble a world-class, interdisciplinary team of engineers, researchers, designers, sales professionals, and product experts who are ready to tackle real-world AI challenges and tap into a massive new market opportunity,” commented Vaswani in a statement.

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